61st Inter-Parliamentary Conference of Japan

Complete set of 2 commemorative postage stamps on the 61st Interparliamentary Conference :

1181 Goode’s Projection and Diet (Interparliamentary Union, Tokyo) [Japan Stamp 1974]1182 Aizen by Ryushi Kawabata (Interparliamentary Union, Tokyo) [Japan Stamp 1974]Issued by Japan

Issued on Oct 1, 1974

Issued for : A set of two postage stamps were issued to commemorate the 61st Conference of InterParliamentary Union which was held at the Diet Building in Tokyo from October 2 to 11, 1974. Its purpose were to develop the activities of member parliaments of the world for contribution to international peace and mutual understanding. Many delegates of 75 nations was present at that Conference.

Design : (A) Map of globe with Diet Building and (B) “AIZEN (passion of love)” by Ryushi Kawabata.

Designer : (A) Mr. Kanji Takeara

Adapted by : (B) Mr. Minoru Hisano

Colour : Multicolour

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Denomination : 20 & 50 Yen

Printing Process : Photogravure

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