Ship Series I : “Kentoshisen” & “Kenminsen”

Complete Set of 2 nos of postage stamps on the Historic Ships :

1219 Kentoshi-sen 7th-9th Centuries [Historic Ship Issue] Japan Stamp 19751220 Kenmin-sen 7th-9th Centuries [Historic Ship Issue] Japan Stamp 19751219-1220 Kentoshi-sen & Kenmin-sen [Historic Ship Issue] Japan Stamp Pair 1975

Issued by Japan

Issued on Aug 30, 1975

Issued for : As the 1st in the Ship Series, 2 kinds of 20 yen postage stamps (se-tenant) depicting ancient vessel‘s plyed between Japan and China will be issued.

Picture : One of the 2 stamps shows Kentoshisen, a large Chinesestyle oceangoing ship which crossed the East China Sea over a dozen times to carry Japanese envoys to and from China in the Asuka (538~645), Nara (710~783) and Heian (784~1191) periods (6th-12th centuries). Several ships of this type were used for a single voyage to carry a total of over 500 persons including chief and deputy envoys, doctors, fortune tellers and students – all heading for the ancient Chinese capital of Changan. These persons greatly contributed to cultural progress in Japan.

The other stamp bears the drawing of Kenminsen, a Governmentauthorized trade ship of purely Japanese style. The ship was used by the Government in the Muromachi era (14th-16th centuries) to dispatch its mission to the Ming dynasty. In those days, trade took the form of presenting gifts through envoys. For about 150 years until 1542, “Kenminsen” ships were sent nearly 20 times.

Colour : 1. Rose Red & 2. Sepia

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Denomination : 20 Yen each

Printing Process : Engraved

Perforation : 13

Stamps Printed : Printed checkerwise in sheets of 20

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