Indian Miniature Paintings

Complete Set of 4 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the Indian Miniatures :

573 Radha - Kishangarh, by Nihal Chand [Indian Miniature Painting]574 Dancing Couple, late 17th century [Indian Miniature Painting]575 Lovers on a Camel, by Nasir-ud-Din, c. 1605 [Indian Miniature Painting]576 Chained Elephant, by Zain-al-Abidin, 16th century [Indian Miniature Painting]

Issued by India

Issued on May 5, 1973

Issued for : The Posts & Telegraphs Department issued a series of 4 stamps depicting Indian Miniature Paintings.

Picture :
RADHA – KISHANGARH (20 p) :- The painting is the most perfect expression of the Kishangarh ideal of feminine loveliness. This is a Rajasthani Painting (1735-1757 AD) and was done by a local artist, Nihal Chand.

DANCE DUET (50 p) :- 
It is a typical example of painting executed during the Aurangzeb Period in the last quarter of 17th century.

The painting illustrates a musical mode – Maru Ragini, borrowed from the famous folk tale of Dhola and Maru – the prince and princess who were united at long last by the devotion of a faithful camel. This is the finest piece of Rajasthani Miniature done by the artist NasirudDin in about 1605 A.D.

The painting has been composed in a fine diagonal, lively as well as decorative by the artist, ZainalAbidin, during the period of Jahangir.

Type : Stamps, Mint Condition

Watermark : No

Colour : Multicolored

Denomination : 20 & 50 Paise and 1 & 2 Rupee

Overall Size : 5.80 x 3.91 cms.

Perforation : 13

Stamps Printed : 5 Million 20 p Stamps, 3 Million 50 p Stamps, 2 Million 1 r Stamps and 2 Million 2 r Stamps, each in sheets of 40

Printing Process : Photogravure

Printers : India Security Press

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