International Geological Congress

A commemorative postage stamp on the 22nd International Geological Congress, New Delhi :

410 International Geological Congress [India Stamp 1964]Issued by India

Issued on Dec 14, 1964

Issued for : The Posts and Telegraphs Department was privileged to issue a special stamp to commemorate the convening of the International Geological Congress in India on the 14th December, 1964.

Picture : The motif adopted in the stamp portrays the Earth – the study of which is the domain of the geologist, whose basic field tool is the geological hammer, shown symbolically as the axis of the globe.

Type : Stamp, Mint Condition

Watermark : Yes (All over multiple ‘Lion Capital of Asoka’)

Colour : Blue Green

Denomination : 15 Naye Paise

Overall Size : 3.30 x 2.90 cms.

Printing Size : 2.99 x 2.52 cms.

Perforation : 13½ x 14

Stamps Printed : 1.5 Million in sheets of 42

Printing Process : Photogravure

Printers : India Security Press

About : 

  • The 22nd International Geological Congress met for the first time in Asia at New Delhi, between the 14th and 22nd December, 1964. Members from about 92 countries attended. It was the biggest International Scientific Congress ever held in Asia [till then]. 
  • The Congress was established in 1875 with the purpose of contributing to the advancement of investigations relating to the study of the Earth, considered from theoretical and practical points of view. The first session was held in 1878 in Paris; subsequent sessions have met every 3 or 4 years, in different cities of the world. 
  • In the New Delhi Congress, papers on recent advances in different aspects of geology was discussed in sixteen sections. The meetings of various commissions and affiliated bodies of the Congress and the International Union of Geological Sciences (founded in 1960), was held at the same time. The papers read at the meetings and the discussions arising therefrom, was published subsequently. 
  • An important feature of the International Geological Congress, was the large number of excursions of geological interest, being organised all over the country, both before and after the session.

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