International Organisation for Standardization

A commemorative postage stamp on the 6th General Assembly of International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) :

407 International Organisation for Standardization (ISO)Issued by India

Issued on Nov 9, 1964

Issued for : The Posts and Telegraphs Department has pleasure in commemorating this occasion by bringing out a special postage stamp when the 6th General Assembly of the ISO meets in New Delhi on the 9th November 1964.

Picture : I.S.O. Emblem & Globe

Type : Stamp, Mint Condition

Watermark : No

Colour : Carmine Rose

Denomination : 15 Naye Paise

Overall Size : 3.91 x 2.90 cms.

Printing Size : 3.63 x 2.62 cms.

Perforation : 13 x 13½

Stamps Printed : 1.5 Million in sheets of 35

Printing Process : Photogravure

Printers : India Security Press

About : 

  • ISO came in being in 1946 as the successor to the International Federation of the National Standardization Association (ISA). Its object is : “to promote the development of standards in the world with a view to facilitating international exchange of goods and services and to developing manual co-operation in the sphere of intellectual, scientifical, technological and economic activity”. 
  • In 1964, 51 Standards Organizations from as many countries constituted the membership of the ISO. Its work was carried out through 108 Technical Committees and their sub-committees and working groups. Considering the vital importance pf standardization in industrial developments and promotion of international trade, India has been actively participating in the work of ISO over since its inception in 1946. Thus, in 1964, the Indian Standards Institution (ISI) took part in 78 out of 108 technical committees of ISO and holds the secretariats of three of the ISO Technical Committees, namely, Lac, Mica and Pictorial Markings for Handling of Goods, and of 4 sub-committees and 6 working groups. The technical fields in which international standardization was under consideration at the New Delhi meetings included subjects of primary interest to India, such as agricultural food products like spices, condiments and stimulant foods, steel, rubber, vetiver oil, screw threads, bolts, nuts and, accessories, and sampling of iron and manganese ores. This was the first time that a meeting of the General Assembly of the ISO is being held in Asia. The previous meetings were held at Paris (1949), New York (1952), Stockholm (1955), Harrogate (1958) and Helsinki (1961).

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