National Stamp Week 1980

Complete Set of 5 nos of postage stamps on the National Stamp Week 1980 (September 29 October 5) :

751-755 National Stamp Week [Australia Stamp setenant]

Issued by Australia

Issued on Sep 29, 1980

Designer : Bruce Weatherhead, Melboune

Picture : 22 c – Mailbox, 22 c – Mailman c. 1900, 22 c – Mail truck, 22 c – Mailman, mailbox & 22 c – Mailman [different].

Colour : Multi colour

Type : Setenant Stamps, Postal Used

Watermark : No

Denomination : 22 Cents each

Printing Process and Paper : Photolitho on litho chromo paper incorporating luminescence

Printer : Asher & Co, a division of LeighMarden Pty Ltd, Melbourne

About : 

  • In the immediate years that followed the turn of the century the man with the mails was one of the colourful characters on Australian streets. He was dressed in the picturesque uniforms of the former colonial postal administrations which had combined to form the Commonwealth PostmasterGeneral’s Department in 1901.
  • Stately iron roadside pillarboxes were convenient recepticals for the mails. Many have stood the test of time and are still in use today.
  • Towards the end of the first decade motor vehicles were tested for suitability in transporting mails. The early PMG motor vans became the forerunners of today’s fast, efficient Australia Post fleet.

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