India on President’s Review of the Fleet 1984

Complete Set of 4 nos of postage stamps on the 6th Review of the Fleet, 1984 :

964 President's Review of the Fleet [India Se-tenant Block of 4 Stamps 1984]

Issued by India

Issued on Feb 12, 1984

Issued for : Indian Posts & Telegraphs Department is privileged to issue a se-tenant set of four commemorative stamps on this occasion.

Design : The se-tenant set is a composite picture depicting the three dimensional strike capability of the Indian Navy, silhouettes of an aircraft carrier and a vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft, a missile destroyer and a submarine. The three elements viz. the sky, the surface and the ocean depths are represented by a circular band in three shades of blue. The Naval Ensign is repeated in each of the four stamp of the se-tenant. The co-authors of the se-tenant are Captain Anil Dhir, IN and Sudarshan Dheer.

Type : Se-tenant block of 4 StampsMint Condition

Watermark : No

Colour : Multicoloured

Denomination : 100 paise each

Setenant Block of 4 Stamps Overall Size : 7.82 x 5.70 cms.

Setenant Block of 4 Stamps Print Size : 7.82 x 5.70 cms.

Printing Process : Photogravure

Stamps Printed : 1.5 Million Stamps each (in sheets of 16 blocks)

Printers : India Security Press

About : 

  • The review of a Nation’s fleet of warships, by the Heads of the State, is a ceremonial occasion, originating many centuries ago. The earliest record available is that of the Review of the Royal Navy by King Edward III as early as in 1415. Originally, the Review was an opportunity for the Head of State to satisfy himself on the operational readiness of his ships to wage war at sea. With the passage of time, Reviews were held to mark important events like a coronation, notable anniversaries, visits of important state guests etc.
  • The Indian Navy is normally reviewed by the President, in his capacity as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, once during his tenure in office. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of the Republic of India, was also the first to review the Indian Fleet on 10 October 1953. Dr. Radhakrishnan, who was scheduled to do so on 20 April 1964, could not review the Fleet because of an eye ailment, and the Review was conducted instead by the then Defence Minister, Shri Y. B. Chavan. Dr. Radhakrishnan, however, reviewed the Fleet at Sea in 1966. The next Review took place, during the Presidency of Shri V. V. Giri, on 28 December 1969. Shri F. A. Ahmed reviewed the Fleet on 11 January 1976. The sixth Review was held on 12th February 1984, off the Gateway of India, Bombay.

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