Visit Nepal Series, 1983

A set of three commemorative postage stamps to publicise the Nepal Tourism :

Issued by Nepal

Issued on Dec 30, 1983

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Denomination : Rs. 1, 2.20 & 6

About : 

  • Barahkshetra is situated at the confluence of river Koka and Kaushiki in the districts of Sunsari in the Koshi zone. In Hindu mythology there is mention of Barahkshetra where boar-headed Lord Barah emerged to rescue the earth. They have highlighted the sanctity and religious importance of this place. It is a common belief that one who worships Lord Barah having taken a bath in the confluence of river achieves Salvation. Because of this importance millions of pilgrims even from neighbouring country congregate here. Barahkshetra occupies a prominent place from cultural and religious standpoint.

  • In the present postage stamp pictures of the image of Lord Barah and the temple have been depicted.

  • Khaptad Lekh, situated in the districts of Doti, Achham Bajhang and Bajura of Seti zone was formerly known as “Khecharadri” (Parbat). This land of austerity is commonly regarded as the paradise of the earth because of its natural beauties, sacred and religious importance. The existing varied species of herbs and multicoloured clumps of aruna-dinaria (Nigalo) have added to its beauty. Since ages Khaptad has been a sacred place for sages and seers for their meditation. The three rivers – Nilganga, Swarnaganga and Akashganga flowing through this region form a confluence called Tribeni – a sacred place for pilgrimage.

  • In the present postage stamp pictures of Tribeni, temple nearby and natural scenes around have been depicted.

  • Chooyu, 8201 meter high, viewed very captivating for its enchanting beauty lies in Khumbu Himalayan range in Solukhumbu district of Sagarmatha zone. Because of its beauty it attracts many mountaineers from different countries of the world.

  • In the present postage stamp picture of Mt. Cho-oyu has been depicted.

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