Old Tales Series IV : “Kaguya-Hime”

Complete set of 3 postage stamps on the Japanese Folktale Series : “Kaguya Hime” (“Tale of the Bamboo Cutter”) :

Discovery of Kaguya Hime in Shining BambooThe Tale of Princess KaguyaJapanese Folklore : Kaguya Hime and escorts returning to moonIssued by Japan

Issued on Jul 29, 1974

Issued for : As the 4th issue of the Japanese Old Tales Series, a set of three postage stamps depicting “Kaguya-Hime” were issued. KaguyaHime is heroine of the oldest japanese fairy tale “TaketoriMonogatari” written in the early part of the Heian Period (794~1192).

Design : (A) 3 inch brilliant baby found at the root of a bamboo, (B) Grown Princess KaguyaHime and (C) KaguyaHime soaring up to the moon.

Designer : Mr. Kohei Morita

Adapted by : Mr. Yoshiaki Kikuchi

Colour : Multicolour

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Denomination : 20 Yen each

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