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STAMP COLLECTION : The Hobby of Kings & The King of Hobbies
Cordial welcome to iStampGallery.com. “iStampGallery“ is an online archive of used & mint Stamps, Covers, Miniatures, Sheetlets etc. issued by almost every countries of our planet earth & promote the habit of collecting stamps, PHILATELY [the study of stamps and postal history]. iStampGallery, a humongous project initiated out of passion & love that we have towards stamp collection, exchange and growing the stock in a regular basis from the very inception of getting into this amazing habit.


During the last one hundred & fifty years, the world’s greatest hobby Stamp Collecting is a beneficial & relaxing lifetime hobby, which can give endless enjoyment, providing with the fascination of the far places along with their culture, a sense of geography & history, & on intimate knowledge of important current happenings. The secret of the phenomenal growth of stamp collecting lies in its appeal, as an inexhaustible source of fun & knowledge. It is an ideal hobby that establishes strong ties of common interest among millions of people of all ages & classes all over the world.

Myself (Er. Aniruddha Sinha) is the driving force behind iStampGallery who happens to be an Electrical engineer by profession but more of a philatelist than an engineer. Responsible husband and father of  a boy child from India. I am an avid fan of collecting stamps since his schooldays. Not only did I grow a huge database of stamps but also developed a significant network of stamp lovers around the world.
Presently the endeavor of online publishing of the stamps we own, has been started. We will keep updating it on a regular basis. Enjoy your coming here and keep coming back to iStampGallery. Hope Stamp lovers would find this site a huge resource of stamps with relevant information.
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