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 Pakistan National Horse and Cattle Show 1963
March 13, 1963

Pakistan National Horse and Cattle Show 1963

A commemorative postage stamp on the National Horse and Cattle Show of Pakistan :

Lahore Hunt Horse ShowIssued by Pakistan

Issued on Mar 13, 1963

Design : The stamp has been designed by a Pakistani Artist, Mr. Syed Jahangir of Rawalpindi. The motif depicts an interesting scene from the National Horse and Cattle Show i.e. a horse dancing to music alongwith a camel and a bull.

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : 13 Paisa

Colours : Red, Blue and Brown

Size of Stamp : 25.7 x 41.1 mm

Size of Print : 22.7 x 38.1 mm

Perforation Gauge : 11½

Quantity Printed : 10,00,000

No. of Stamps in each sheet : 100

Process of Printing : Photogravure

Printers : Courvoisier S.A., Switzerland

About : 

  • Livestock plays an important role in the predominantly agricultural economy of Pakistan. This country produces home of the best breeds of Zebu cattle and race horses. Sheep farming, specially in superior breeds for wool, is also making good progress. Even during the 20th Century, the working bullock continues to be the main stay of our agriculture.
  • Love of animals is exceptionally strong among our peasantry. The people from a number of neighbouring villages frequently assemble together and hold a mandi where, apart from the sale and purchase of cattle, the best among them are awarded prizes. On similar patterns, an annual cattle fair is held in every district. Over and above the network of these cattle fairs, comes the National Horse and Cattle Show.
  • The Horse Show acquired its present National Status in 1954. Before that it was known as the Lahore Hunt Horse Show, restricted only to the members of the landed gentry, army and civil services. The upgrading of the Show to the level of a National Festival widened its scope as well as turned its gates open to the public to see and enjoy the best of colour and pageantry served by the Show. Large number of entries received during the last nine years, is a proof of the popularity of this Show specially with our rural population.
  • The Show is in the nature of an annual homage of a grateful nation to its livestock and the efforts of our breeders. It helps promote competition among the latter to further improve their stock and inculcate love of animals among the general public. Prizes worth approx. Rs. 71,000 in cash and trophies are awarded; and, the lion’s share out of these is won by the private breeders. The prizes won by the owners are preserved as proud family achievements.
  • With the compliments of the Director-General, Pakistan Post Office, Karachi.
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