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 33rd National Athletic Meeting of Japan
October 14, 1978

33rd National Athletic Meeting of Japan

A commemorative postage stamp on the 33rd Japan Championships in AthleticsNagano, Honshu :

Japan Championships in Athletics (Baseball) : Mount YariIssued by Japan

Issued on Oct 14, 1978

Issued for : A postage stamp was issued to commemorate the 33rd National Athletic Meeting which held in Nagano Prefecture from October 15 to 20, 1978. The meeting had 28 events, such as track and field games, volleyball and soft-ball base-ball etc. and about 16,500 athletes participated in it.

Design : Softball baseball with Mt. Yariga-dake in the background.

Designer : Hitoshi Ötsuka

Colour : Multicolor (5 colors)

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : 20 yen

Size : 28 x 38.5 mm, vertical

Size of impression : 25 x 35.5 mm

Paper : White gravure paper, unwmkd.

Quantity : 40,000,000 stamps

Sheet : 20 stamps (4 x 5)

Printing : Photogravure

Imprint : Printing Bureau, Ministry of Finance, under the 19th

About : 

  • The 20 yen postage stamp with a design of softball and Mt. Yarigatake shall be issued in commemoration of the 33rd National Athletic Meeting.
  • The National Athletic Meeting, which is designed to promote sports among the people of all walks of life and improve the people’s physical health by enhancing their amateurism and sports spirit, has been held every year in an urban or rural prefecture in turn since 1946.
  • The autumn program of the 33rd National Athletic Meeting is scheduled to be held for six days from Oct. 15 through 20 in seventeen cities, seven towns and a village in Nagano Prefecture with Matsumoto City as its centre.
  • The coming sports event is named “Yamabiko kokutai” (Echo-National Athletic Meeting). With its slogan, “taking hands under the roof of Japan“, about 16,500 athletes and managers from all over Japan are expected to take part in 28 sports events including track and field, volleyball and softball to display their hot contests.
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