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 Diplomatic Relations between Nepal and China

Diplomatic Relations between Nepal and China

A commemorative postage stamp on the Golden Jubilee of Diplomatic Relations between Nepal and China :

White Pagoda, Great Wall and National flagsIssued by Nepal

Issued on Dec 26, 2005

Issued for : To commemorate the golden jubilee anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations; and for further deepen NepalChina relations this postage stamp has been issued depicting the white pagoda, great wall and National flags of two countries.

Issued by :
HMG/N Postal Services Department
Nepal Philatelic Bureau, Kathmandu

Designer : M. N. Rana

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : Rs. 30.00

Color : Four Color

Size : 40 x 30 mm

Format : Vertical

Paper : High Quality Stamp Paper

Quantity : One Million

Sheet Composition : 50 Stamps

Process : Offset Lithography

Printer : Austrian Government Printing Office, Vienna, Austria

About : 

  • The history of Nepal-China relations can be traced back to the fifth century when sages and saints moved far and wide in pursuit of knowledge and peace. The travelogues by Fa Hien and Huen Tsang are a testimony to the eternal connecting tissues of religion and culture between these two ancient civilizations. The marriage of Bhrikuti to the Tibetan King, Song Sang Gompo, in the 7th century and the White Pagoda temple and other Pagoda buildings in Beijing constructed under the guidance of Nepalese architect Araniko are important signposts of these historical relations. The age-old friendly relations acquired a new dimension with the establishment of diplomatic relations between Nepal and China on 1 August 1955.
  • Bilateral relations since then are founded on the principles of peaceful co-existence, cordial friendship and mutual understanding. Notwithstanding the high and mighty Himalayas that separate our two countries, we have overcome all geographical difficulties in further consolidating our age-old ties of friendship and co-operation. Growing interaction at government-to-government and at people-to-people levels between us have contributed to further consolidate the relationship in the political, economic and cultural fields.
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