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 Family Unity
October 1, 1984

Family Unity

A commemorative postage stamp on the Family Unity :

Issued by United States of America

Issued on Oct 1, 1984

Design : The enormous popularity of philately has prompted the nationwide celebration of Stamp Collecting Month. The Family Unity commemorative stamp salutes the start of Stamp Collecting Month. The design of the Family Unity stamp is the winning entry in a special contest held among students. It is the work of Molly LaRue of Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : 20 cents

About : 

  • The oldest and most important of human institutions, the family has been the basic unit of society since the dawn of time. For most of history, family unity was a prerequisite for survival. Each family unit was almost entirely self-sufficient, requiring the cooperative effort of all members.
  • This traditional family relationship began to break down in the 18th century, with the start of the Industrial Revolution. Urban factories replaced rural homes and workshops as the centers of manufacturing and employment. As a result, people no longer worked in family units. Instead, men were forced to move closer to factories in the cities, often without their families.
  • In this century, modern machines have taken over many household chores. This phenomenon, along with changing attitudes, has prompted increasing numbers of women to seek employment outside the home. This has complicated the task of maintaining family unity. In most cases, a new form of unity has developed, centering as much on shared enjoyment as on shared dependency.
  • Today’s shorter work week allows families to spend more leisure time together. Studies have shown that this time can be extremely valuable in strengthening family unity. Having fun together tightens group bonds and underscores the values of family life. It can also be a shared learning experience that teaches new skills and opens new doors for exploration.
  • Philately, or stamp collecting, is a family activity that furthers all of these ends. The world’s most popular hobby, it is enjoyed by some 20 million people in the United States alone. Rich and poor, old and young, all derive pleasure and satisfaction from collecting stamps. Each individual stamp is a reflection of a nation’s great people, places or events.
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