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 Dogs of USA 1984
September 7, 1984

Dogs of USA 1984

Complete Set of 4 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the Centenary of the American Kennel Club :

Dogs [Block of 4]Issued by United States of America

Issued on Sep 7, 1984

Design :
Dogs :
aBeagle, Boston Terrier,
bChesapeake Bay Retriever, Cocker Spaniel,
cAlaskan Malamute, Collie and
dBlack and Tan Coonhound, American Foxhound.

Designed by : Roy Anderson of Sedona, Arizona designed these blockoffour U.S. commemorative stamps marking the 100th anniversary of the American Kennel Club.

Colour : Multi coloured

Type : Block of 4 StampsMint Condition

Denomination : 20 cents each

About : 

  • The American Kennel Club, headquartered in New York City, is an organization dedicated to the advancement of pure-bred dogs. It was founded on September 17, 1884, and is comprised of delegates from more than 400 autonomous dog clubs throughout the United States.
  • The amateur sportsmen who founded the American Kennel Club in New York City 100 years ago established a uniform set of rules for dog sports. Each year, more than 8,000 competitive events are staged under these rules by individual breed clubs or all-breed organizations. They include dog shows, field trials and obedience trials.
  • One of the primary functions of the AKC is to maintain a registry of recognized breeds. The Stud Book has the ancestral record of every dog registered with the organization since its inception – an enrollment of some 18 million animals.
  • One of the oldest regular sporting events in the United States, held annually since 1877, is the dog show staged by the Westminster Kennel Club of New York. Hundreds of dogs are entered and judges select the best in each breed, the best in each of the six main dog groups and, finally, the best in the show.
  • Among the most popular hounds listed in the book is the beagle, a miniature foxhound. The origin of the breed is lost in history, but it is known that the beagle was popular in 18th century England and was subsequently imported to the United States. A National Beagle Club was formed in 1888.
  • Classified as a non-sporting dog, the Boston terrier is a native American breed. A cross between a bulldog and an English terrier, it originated in Boston in about 1870. The dog has a brindled or black coat with snow white markings. Its gentle disposition makes it an ideal family companion.
  • The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is another American dog whose stock came from England. It dates back to 1807, when two dogs were given to a Maryland gentleman who offered hospitality to sailors of a wrecked English ship. By 1885, a distinct breed had developed which became known for its exceptional skill in retrieving ducks from the rough, icy waters of Chesapeake Bay.
  • The smallest of the sporting dogs, the cocker spaniel is both a helpmate to hunters and a lovable children’s pet. Despite its small size, the dog has great endurance and is capable of considerable speed. It has been exhibited in the United States since the 1880’s.
  • The Alaskan malamute is judged under the category of working dogs. One of the oldest Arctic sled dogs, the breed was named for a tribe of Innuit Indians who settled in the upper western part of Alaska. Admiral Richard Byrd used Alaskan malamutes for his Antarctic expeditions.
  • The collie is another working dog. A native of Scotland, where it was widely used as a shepherd dog, the collie was imported to America in colonial days. Its popularity has grown steadily since the 1880’s.
  • Hounds comprise another major groups of dogs in America. During the 1700’s, many types of hounds, with widely different hunting characteristics, were brought to this country from Europe. From then, the American foxhound emerged, with features that have gradually been standardized. The dog is between 22 and 25 inches high and has a close, hard coat of medium length.
  • A relative newcomer to the roster of hounds is the black and tan coonhound, which was admitted to the American Kennel Club registry in 1945. Selectively bred for proficiency in hunting possums and raccoons, the coonhound can also be used to hunt deer, mountain lions and bears. It trails its quarry entirely by scent.
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