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 Fire Services of India
April 14, 2016

Fire Services of India

A commemorative postage stamp on 150 years of the Indian Fire Services :

Firefighting : Firefighters to protect Lives, Property and EnvironmentIssued by India

Issued on Apr 14, 2016

Issued for : Department of Posts is pleased to release a commemorative postage stamp in the honour of “Fire Services of India” which have a glorious history in this country.

Credits :
Stamp / FDC / Cancellation Cachet : Smt. Alka Sharma

Type : Stamp, Mint Condition

Colour : Multi Colour

Denomination : 500 Paise

Stamps Printed : 0.40 million

Printing Process : Wet Offset

Printer : Security Printing Press, Hyderabad

About : 

  • Owing to rapid industrialization and modernization of the country, the security of life and property in such a community is to be developed so that there is neither loss of life nor damage of property without adequate fire protection measures being adopted.
  • The regular Fire Services in India first came up in Bombay (Mumbai) & Calcutta (Kolkata) during the British period. The great fire of Bombay occurred in 1803 and the first nucleus of fire service in India took shape. Prior to this, the Police force was entrusted with fire fighting jobs. In 1822, the service in Calcutta was organized under the Calcutta Police. In 1855, the Bombay fire brigade was officially formed and formally placed under the police as a part-time function of the Police under Government and a regular fire service with horse drawn fire engines came into being in Bombay under the control of Police. Bombay Fire Brigade was placed jointly with the Government and Municipal Corporation in 1865. Five fire engines, three horse-drawn and two manually operated, were in included in the Calcutta Fire Brigade and in 1872, the Calcutta fire brigade came to be financed by the Calcutta Corporation and the suburban municipalities. By the Municipal Act 1872 and 1878, insurance companies were made to contribute towards the maintenance of the fire brigades. In 1888, through the Bombay Municipal Corporation Act, protection of life and properties against fire became the obligatory duty of the Bombay Municipal Corporation. Delhi is believed to have got a fire brigade in 1867, but organized form of fire stations is believed to have started in 1896 under the Municipal Corporation.
  • In 1907, the first petrol driven motor fire engine was imported and commissioned in Bombay Fire Brigade. W.J. Scully of Bombay Fire Brigade joined the Bombay Salvage Corps, which was formed on 1st May 1907 by 37 Insurance Companies. One of the prime objectives of the Corps, apart from salvage operation, was to minimize chances of fire.
  • The Madras city fire brigade was established in 1908 by the Municipal Corporation of Madras after a devastating fire in the city.
  • In the year 1910, the provincial Government of Bengal appointed a committee to recognize the Fire Brigade. The Calcutta Fire Brigade laid foundation of modern and well equipped services in the East. Street Fire Alarm System was first introduced in 1913. Motorization of the Brigade was completed by replacing horse drawn steam Engine in 1920.
  • After Independence, the Fire Services in India were incorporated under the 12th schedule of the Constitution, provisions of Article 243 W within the domain of municipalities. Today, the Fire Services are organized by the concerned States and Union Territories.
  • Over a period, the role of the Fire Services has undergone a considerable change and now it includes attending to fire incidents and emergency situations like building collapse, drowning and road accidents, carrying out search rescue operations, providing first aid on site and implementing fire safety codes.
  • 14th April is observed throughout the country as the Fire Services Day to pay homage to all the gallant firemen. 14th to 20th April is observed as Fire Service Week where activities highlighting fire safety and prevention through demonstrations, mock drills are held along with exhibitions and conferences.
  • A National Fire Emblem was conceived by the Standing Fire Advisory Council, the apex body on the subject, and was adopted in 1968. The emblem indicates a hand of the firefighter holding the flame at the centre surrounded by blue circles symbolizing water controlling the fire. At the outer periphery, the silver grey fumes of smoke are visible. The motto of Fire Services Tranayasevamahe (in Sanskrit) or “We Serve to Save” has also been incorporated in the emblem.
  • Text : Based on the material received from proponent.
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