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 François de Laval

François de Laval

A commemorative postage stamp on the 350th anniversary of the birth of Saint FrançoisXavier de Laval, first Roman Catholic bishop of Quebec :

Saint Francis-Xavier de Montmorency-Laval : First Roman Catholic Bishop of QuebecIssued by Canada

Issued on Jan 31, 1973

Design : Mgr de Laval, first bishop of Quebec City and founder of many educational institutions, was also one of the builders of New France. The Canada Post Office is commemorating by the issue of a special stamp the 350th anniversary of the birth of this important figure in Canada‘s history.

Designer : Michael Fog and Gerry Lorange

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Colour : Multi color

Denomination : 8 cents

Dimensions : 24 mm x 40 mm (Vertical)

Perf. Gauge : 11

Paper Type : Litho C.I.S.

Gum Type : P.V.A.

Quantity : 24,000,000

Printing Process This stamp is printed in three colour lithography. Marginal inscriptions including the designer’s name appear on the four corners of each pane of 50 stamps available from the Philatelic Service. Also available from the Philatelic Service are “blank” sheets and corner blocks (less corner inscriptions) as delivered for sale in regular post offices.

Printer : AshtonPotter Limited, Toronto, Ontario

Name : FrancisXavier de MontmorencyLaval

Born on Apr 30, 1623 at MontignysurAvre, Perche, Kingdom of France

Died on May 6, 1708 at Quebec, Viceroyalty of New France, French colonial empire [now in Canada]

About : 

  • This stamp commemorates the 350th anniversary of the birth of François de MontmorencyLaval.
  • As first Bishop of Quebec, Mgr de Laval was a figure of great importance in the development and reorganization of New France.
  • He greatly encouraged educational institutions already functioning and founded others such as the Quebec City ‘Grand’ Seminary in 1663 and ‘Petit’ Seminary in 1668.
  • A man of great generosity and devotion, Mgr de Laval gave liberally of himself in order to accomplish his duties and fulfill his responsibilities. He died in Quebec City in 1708 after spending some fifty years of his life in New France.
  • Mgr. de Laval came to Quebec City in 1659. He started to establish the Canadian Church by giving it the strength and unity of the parochial system. During his thirty years as Bishop of Quebec he founded an average of one parish every year. In the summer months he would take long voyages by canoe to visit his vast diocese. Even after his retirement in 1688, he would constantly visit the poor and sick with unending devotedness until his death in 1708.
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