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 Genjibotaru : Japan Nature Conservation Series XV
July 22, 1977

Genjibotaru : Japan Nature Conservation Series XV

A postage stamp on the Nature Conservation Series “Luciola(Japanese fireflies:

Flashing Firefly (Luciola) : Genji Botaru (Hotaru)Issued by Japan

Issued on Jul 22, 1977

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Colour : Multicolour

Denomination : 50 yen

Size of impression : 25 mm x 35.5 mm

About : 

  • In the 15th of the Nature Conservation Series of postage stamps, a 50 yen stamp which shows a species of a firefly, Luciola cruciata, known as “Genjibotaru” in Japanese will be issued.
  • Hotaru” (firefly) belongs to the family Lampyridae of the Coleoptera. It lives in various places in mainland Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu and is a species seen only in Japan.
  • It has a black body with a length of 12-18 millimeters. The firefly has the red chest with a black cross on it. It is the largest species in Japan. The larvae live in the bed of clean rivers and eat marsh snails and other species of fresh water snails. After the 10 month period as larva, the firefly becomes a chrysalis in early May, though the time differs by the year and areas, and becomes an adult some time between the middle of May and the middle of June. But its adulthood period is short.
  • In Nagaoka, Santo Town, Shiga Prefecture, and eight other places, the firefly has been designated as a natural monument (a special natural monument in Nagaoka).
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