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 Australia on International Year of Peace 1986
October 22, 1986

Australia on International Year of Peace 1986

A commemorative postage stamp on the International Peace Yearrecognized in 1986 by the United Nations :

White Dove : traditional symbol of peaceIssued by Australia

Issued on Oct 22, 1986

Design : The design for the stamp features a white dove, traditional symbol of peace. The dove is set against rays of light radiating out from the sun to suggest hope for the future.

The official United Nations emblem for International Year of Peace is shown next to the stamp.

Designer : Ken Cato is one of Australia‘s most successful graphic designers, with a formidable list of national and international awards to his credit. He has been involved in the design of several Australian stamp issues, in particular the Ausipex 84 World Philatelic Exhibition held in Melbourne. He also designed the Christmas stamps for that year featuring Australian stained glass windows.

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Colour : Multi colour

Denomination : 36 cents

About : 

  • The United Nations General Assembly declared 1986 to be the International Year of Peace. At the inauguration of the year, the UN Secretary-General, Javier Perez De Cuellar, outlined the current world situationHumanity stands today at crossroads. The path of the future remains open, subject to a choice which has yet to be made. One road leads to peace, the other to self-destruction. As military expenditures continue to rise and even more sophisticated weapons and technology are developed, the threat of nuclear annihilation has reached a critical juncture. This is not, however, the only challenge of our time. The world today must also confront the hardships caused by regional and local conflicts, the debilitating effects of disease and poverty, the misery of famine and natural disaster. It is time to act on behalf of the future well-being of all nations with the vision and forbearance that peace requires.
  • The intention behind International Year of Peace was to encourage individuals, not just governments, in efforts towards making the world a more peaceful place. There is, of course, a long history of peace activism in the world. In Australia, a branch of the London Peace Society was established in 1864 and public meetings were held in 1885 to express opposition to the involvement of a New South Wales contingent in the Sudan. Today’s peace activists continue to build on a tradition that seeks alternatives to violence as a means of conflict resolution. Because of the devastation that can be inflicted with modern weapons, the issue is more urgent now than ever before.
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