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 “Koshin-so” : Japan Nature Conservation Series XIX
June 8, 1978

“Koshin-so” : Japan Nature Conservation Series XIX

A postage stamp on the Nature Protection SeriesKoshinso(Pinguicula Ramosa) :

Butterwort : Carnivorous PlantIssued by Japan

Issued on Jun 8, 1978

Issued for : As the 19th issue of the Nature Conservation Series, a postage stamp depicting Koshin-so (pinguicula ramoas Miyoshi) was issued. Koshin-so is peculiar to Japan and was discovered in Mt. Koshin, Tochigi Pref., in 1890 by Dr. Manabu Miyoshi. The Koshin-so Growing Place in Mt. Koshin was designated as special natural monument in 1952.

Design : Koshinso (pinguicula ramosa Miyoshi)

Designer : Mr. Hitoshi Otsuka

Colour : Multicolour

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : 50 Yen

Printing Process : Photogravure & Engraved

About : 

  • In the Nature Conservation Series of postage stamps, a 50-yen stamp showing “Koshinso“, a rare species of plant, has been issued on June 8.
  • Koshinso (pinguicula ramosa Miyoshi) is a perennial plant belonging to Lentibulari-aceae (dicotyledon). The species peculiar to Japan is distributed in the extremely limited area – on alpine walls near Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture.
  • The leaves, oblong in shape, are about one centimeter long and have short glandular hairs on their surface; the hairs secrete mucus to catch small insects and digest them.
  • A 3-8 centimeter long stalk grows between two leaves in June or July, and a light purple flower like a violet blooms at its top.
  • The species was discovered in Mt. Koshin in Ashio Town, Kamitsuga County, Tochigi Prefecture, in August, 1890 by Dr. Manabu Miyoshi; hence the name of the plant. The area in the mountain where the plant grows was designated as a Natural Monument on March 3, 1921 by the Government. It was designated a Special Natural Monument on March 19, 1952 in order to protect it from being ruined.
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