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 Mahindra Group

Mahindra Group

A commemorative postage stamp on 75 Years of The Mahindra Group :

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. : Flagship Company of Mahindra Group (Anand Mahindra) Traffic Light with StampIssued by India

Issued on Dec 1, 2021

Issued for : Department of Posts is pleased to issue a Commemorative Postage Stamp on 75 Years of Mahindra Group.

Credits :
Stamps/FDC/Brochure/Cancellation Cachet : Ms. Nenu Gupta

Type : Stamp, Mint Condition

Colour : Multi Colour

Denomination : 1200 Paise

Stamps Printed : 302600

Printing Process : Wet Offset

Printer : Security Printing Press, Hyderabad

About : 

  • From its modest beginnings in 1945 as a steel trading firm, the Mahindra Group today is one of the largest and most admired multinational federation of companies with 260,000 employees in over 100 countries. It enjoys a leadership position in farm equipment, utility vehicles, information technology and financial services in India and is the world’s largest tractor company by volume. It has a strong presence in renewable energy, agriculture, logistics, hospitality and real estate. The Mahindra Group has a clear focus on leading ESG globally, enabling rural prosperity and enhancing urban living, with a goal to drive positive change in the lives of communities and stakeholders to enable them to Rise.
  • In 1945, when its founders placed a newspaper advertisement, they spoke about the principles under which the company was set up. The advertisement did not talk about setting up a business only for profits but that it was there to do good for the community, to create an environment where diversity was valued, it spoke about a work environment that people would enjoy and ultimately contribute towards helping others. That has been in the group’s DNA since then.
  • ESG is a key ally and enabler in helping the group measure, manage, accelerate, and amplify the outcomes of living its purpose. Social business is not just about giving back to the community, but it is doing so while growing and creating value. The group believes that the more economic value they create, the more social value it can create.
  • From manufacturing the iconic Willys Jeeps that were ideal for navigating India’s rural terrain and its unpaved rural roads way back in the 1940s or the foresight to set up a tractor division to align with India’s growing agrarian needs, or for that matter its foray into the IT to become one of the key torch bearers in the sector, the Mahindra Group has steadily grown to become one of India’s largest business houses with an unwavering focus on nation building.
  • The Group today comprises of companies that enables people to rise through innovative mobility solutions, driving rural prosperity, enhancing urban living, nurturing new businesses and fostering communities. It enjoys a leadership position in utility vehicles, information technology, financial services and vacation ownership in India and is the world’s largest tractor company by volume. It also enjoys a strong presence in defense, renewable energy, agribusiness, logistics and real estate development. In 2020, Mahindra & Mahindra was ranked 17th among the 100 Most Sustainably Managed Companies in the world according to a ranking by The Wall Street Journal.
  • The Mahindra Group is driven by its purpose – Rise – that believes in challenging conventional thinking and innovatively using resources to drive positive change in the lives of stakeholders and communities across the world. Whether it is serving the needs of customers or helping to build the communities that it is a part of or nurturing the planet. The Group is firm believer in the tenet that ‘doing good makes good business sense’ and this is evident across businesses.
  • From the Farm Equipment sector’s mission of driving rural prosperity to the Financial Services sector’s mission that strives for greater financial inclusivity – the Mahindra Group sees doing business and doing good as two sides of the same coin. To this end, the Group has also considerably embraced and committed to CSR initiatives that positively impacts communities and lives including girl child education, skill development, sustainability and healthcare.
  • The group’s flagship program Nanhi Kali – focussed on educating the girl child – has impacted the lives of over 470,000 girls by providing access to adaptive learning software, school supplies, feminine hygiene materials and creating community sensitization on importance of girl-child education. They run 6,000+ after-school academic support centers in 9 states. The group aspires to increase its impact through the program to 100,000 ‘Nanhi Kalis’ annually.
  • Another of the group’s CSR programs is on Skill development & Livelihood generation – Mahindra Pride School (MPS). The program focusses on skilling women & men through Mahindra Pride School and empowering women farmers through Project Prerna. The program has enabled 500,000+ youth’s livelihoods through the 9 MPS schools set up across India.
  • Mahindra Hariyali is the Group’s tree plantation program through which the Group has planted 19 million trees, of which over 12 million trees have been planted in Andhra Pradesh’s Araku valley. By strategically planting 19 varieties of trees, the Mahindra Project Hariyali has been able to impact livelihoods of more than 25000 tribal marginalized farmer families in Araku and provide them with nutritional & economic security. It has also brought benefits of biodiversity to the degraded land. The project is designed for the trees to be owned and nurtured by the tribal farmers, which has resulted in an impressive survival rate of over 93%. While the group has been planting 1 million trees every year for the past 14 years, they are now gearing ourselves to plant 5 million trees every year by 2026.
  • During the pandemic the Group took a series of steps to support communities. These included using engineering capabilities to manufacture PPE kits, aerosol boxes, face masks, shields, and sanitizers – all needed to help local officials and health care workers to combat the pandemic. Recognizing that there is a huge segment of the most vulnerable within our ecosystem, they set up a Covid-19 Relief Fund. They included providing meals, transport, food packets, rations and even tractors for harvesting. The Group worked closely with governments and local authorities to provide oxygen concentrators, set up oxygen plants, enable last mile delivery of oxygen and build isolation centers.
  • Mahindra now reaches a momentous milestone of 75 years in its glorious journey of contributing to the nation’s progress and growth with a clear focus on ESG. To celebrate this significant landmark, a commemorative stamp has been conceived – with a design that attempts to capture the scale and diversity of the Group, its journey, and the myriad ways in which it has touched the lives of people and helping them Rise. The design is inspired by miniature paintings and art and uses a modern graphical style to illustrate the various facets of the Group. A closer look at the stamp reveals the various business and life centric activities of the Group. And while the stamp is a celebration of this defining moment in Mahindra’s history, to us it is a reminder of the core values that the Group stands for and that we will continue to build the future upon.
  • Text : Based on information received from the proponent.
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