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 Multan Thermal Power Station
December 25, 1963

Multan Thermal Power Station

A commemorative postage stamp to mark the Opening of the Multan Thermal Power Station :

Water and Power Development Authority : NGPS Gas Power StationIssued by Pakistan

Issued on Dec 25, 1963

Design : Depicts the building and installations of Multan Thermal Power Station. The design has been prepared by the West Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority.

The words “Multan Thermal Power Station WAPDA” also appear on the stamp.

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : 13 Paisa

Colour : Blue

Size of Stamp :41 x 26 mm

Size of Print : 38 x 23 mm

Perforation Gauge : 14 x 12½ (C)

Quantity printed : 15,00,000

No. of Stamps in each sheet : 80

Process of Printing : Intaglio

Printers : The Pakistan Security Printing Corporation Ltd., Karachi

About : 

  • Multan has been famous for centuries for its saints and shrines and for the invisible spiritual power that radiates from it for hundreds of miles in all directions. Philatelic recognition is being given to an event which marks the almost invisible transmission of another kind of power from Multan viz: electric power to run factories and tube-wells, and to provide light, heat and cool air to thousands of homes in West Pakistan. Appropriately enough, this power will be generated from Piran Ghaib (literal meaning the Invisible Saints), four miles from Multan. At this site, now stands the Multan Thermal Power Station – the biggest in the country.
  • With its completion, this project of the West Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority will have the capacity to produce 2,65,000 kilowatts of electric power. This power station is run on natural gas brought by a 300 mile pipeline from Sui and has been completed in two phases spread over the last 5 years. Its total cost is estimated at Rs. 255 million. With its completion the total generating capacity of WAPDA’s power stations in West Pakistan has increased to about 7,00,000 kilowatts (plate-ratings). The first phase of the Multan Power Station provided for installation of three units, two steam sets capable of producing 65,000 kilowatts each and the third, a gas turbine, with a capacity of 5,700 kilowatts. These units were financed out of Pakistan’s own resources. The second phase (during which two steam generators of 65,000 kilowatts each have been installed) has been financed and executed with the help of a loan and technical know-how from West Germany.
  • With the compliments of the Director-General, Pakistan Post Office, Karachi.
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