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 Nepal Wildlife Series 1984
November 30, 1984

Nepal Wildlife Series 1984

A set of three special postage stamps on the wild lives of Nepal : Snow leopard, Krishna Sar (Blackbuck) and Gharial :

Gharial (Lamthore Gohi) : घड़ियालSnow LeopardBlackbuck : Krishnasar (Krishna Mriga)Issued by Nepal

Issued on Nov 30, 1984

Issued for : In order to emphasise the importance and specialities of the wildlife existing in the kingdom of Nepal three various postage stamps under the wildlife series are being brought out today.

Issued by :
His Majesty’s Government
Postal Services Department
Nepal Philatelic Bureau

Designer : K. Karmacharya

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Denomination :
(a) 10 Paisa
(b) 25 Paisa
(c) 50 Paisa

Colour : colour

Size : 26 x 36 mm

Format : Horizontal

Paper : unwatermarked special stamp-paper

Quantity :
(a) 5,000,000 (Five millions)
(b) 3,000,000 (Three millions)
(c) 5,000,000 (Five millions)

Sheet : 50

Process : Offset litho

Printer : Carl Ueberreuter Druck und verlag Austria, Vienna

About : 

  • Panthera uncia (Snow leopard)
    • Snow leopard is a beautiful carnivore found in the Himalayan region. This animal is a bit lighter in colour than the ordinary leopard with a very bushy tail. In order to study the behaviour and habitat of the snow leopard, which fell under the category of fully protected animal group, a Himalayan Snow Leopard Project has been launched. In 1982 ecologists working under this project have succeeded in radio colouring few snow leopards in the Dolphu region of Mugu district.
  • Antilope cervicapra (Krishna Sar)
    • Krishna Sar, a very attractive looking antilope, is a fully protected species in Nepal.
    • Almost extinct from Nepal this animal has been found in a small number in Khairi of Bardia and in Royal Bardia wildlife reserve. It has high significance from religious point of view. To save this species from extinction in Nepal, a rehabilitation project has been launched since 1979 in Bardia.
  • Gavialis gangeticus (Gharial)
    • Regarded as a unique wealth of nature, Gharial is a fully protected reptile in Nepal. Threatened with extinction a few remnant populations of this species has been found in the Narayani river of Royal Chitwan National Park and in the Karnali and Babai rivers inside Royal Bardia Wildlife Reserve. To save this reptile from extinction, a Gharial Breeding Centre under the joint collaboration of Frankfurt Zoological Society and His Majesty‘s Government has been launched in Royal Chitwan National Park.
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