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 Postcard Service of Pakistan
December 27, 1980

Postcard Service of Pakistan

A commemorative postage stamp on the 100 Years of Postcard Service :

Pakistan postcardIssued by Pakistan

Issued on Dec 27, 1980

Issued for : To commemorate the 100 years of Postcard service, Pakistan Post Office is issuing one postage stamp of 40 Paisa denomination on the 27th December, 1980.

Designer : Akhlaq Ahmed

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : 40 Paisa

Colour : Red, Orange, Yellow Ochre and Dark Brown

Size of Stamp : 32.50 x 44.50 m.m.

Size of Print : 29.00 x 41.00 m.m.

Perforation : 13 C

Quantity : 5,00,000

No. of stamps in one sheet : 60 (Sixty)

Process of Printing : Litho Offset

Printers : The Pakistan Security Printing Corporation, Karachi

About : 

  • Introduced for the first time in 1879, the postcard has completed 100 years of its existence in the sub-continent. Brown in colour the first postcard was priced at ¼ Anna. In the same year a blue coloured 1½ Anna international single postcard was introduced. This was followed in 1883 by the introduction of inland and international reply postcards which enjoyed universal popularity on account of the convenience they brought to the public at a reasonable price. It was only in 1971 that the international reply postcard was abolished.
  • Although the postcard is traditionally issued and sold by the post office, the use of privately manufactured postcards is also admissible for transmission by post after affixing postage stamps of the required value. Currently priced at Paisa 20, the postcard continues to be well within the reach of the lowest income strata of the society, particularly in the rural areas of the country.
  • Issued by: The Director General, Pakistan Post Office, Islamabad.
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