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 Shivapuri Baba

Shivapuri Baba

A commemorative postage stamp on Swami Govindanath Bharati, a Hindu saint [a part of the Personality Series 2007] :

Shree Govindananda Bharati : शिवपुरी बाबाIssued by Nepal

Issued on Dec 30, 2007

Issued for : With the objective of spreading fame and teachings of such an epoch-making religious personality, Postal Services Department has issued the postage stamp on Shivapuri Baba.

Issued by :
Nepal Philatelic Bureau
Sundhara, Kathmandu, Nepal

Designer : Mohan N. Rana

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : Rs. 5

Color : Four Colors with Phosphor print

Size : 40 x 30 mm

Format : Horizontal

Paper : High Quality Stamp Paper

Quantity : 1 Million

Sheet Composition : 20 Stamps Per Sheet

Process : Offset Lithography

PrinterCartor Security Printing, France

Name : Jayanthan Nambudiripad

Born on Sep 27, 1826 at Kerala, India

Died on Jan 28, 1963 at Dhrubsthali, Kathmandu, Nepal

About : 

  • Born in Kerala state of India in 1862 A.D., Shivapuri Baba achieved Divinity. After visiting the entire world two times, Baba came to reside at Pashupat Region of Nepal and guided his followers at Shivapuri hills and Sleshmantak Forest (Dhruvasthali) until his death in 1963 A.D. Due to his invaluable teachings, which he preached from the Shivapuri hills, he was popularly known as Shivapuri Baba instead of his real name Shree Govindananda Bharati.
  • The chief contribution of Shivapuri Baba to the mankind is his principles of righteous life. According to him, man suffers from three miseries on earth. His principles of righteous life explain three disciplines, for freeing human beings from the aforesaid miseries.
  • Physical-intellectual discipline, the first one which has the virtues to purify health and knowledge, gives dexterity in actions to make life successful. Pleasures from them end along death. Mental-moral discipline (the second one) frees man from envy and rage; strengthens commanding and controlling powers. It removes worries and derives contentment, but this too ends along death. Similarly, Spiritual Discipline, the third and the last one, frees man from Desire and enlightens the individual. It comes through meditation and makes one Omniscient – Omnipotent – Omnipresent – ever blissful and immortal, with the grace of God.
  • Thus, the righteous life is the grand panacea to all human miseries, which ultimately leads all towards the Divine land of no return.
  • The teachings of Shivapuri Baba on righteous life are simple, easy, and desirable to all people, community, religion, and situation.
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