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 Traditional Nepalese Weapons
October 9, 1994

Traditional Nepalese Weapons

A set of four commemorative postage stamps on the Traditional Weapons of Nepal :

Kukri (खुकुरी) and Khanda (खड्ग)Shield, Sword, Khadga and Katari (Dagger)Issued by Nepal

Issued on Oct 9, 1994

Issued by :
HMG/N, Postal Services Dept.
Nepal Philatelic Bureau,

Designer : Mohan N. S. Rana

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Denomination :
a) Khukari : Rs. 5/-
b) Khunda : Rs. 5/-
c) Shield, Sword, Khadga : Rs. 5/-
d) Dagger : Rs. 5/-

Colour : 4 Colours

Size : 35 x 35 mm

Format : Vertical

Paper : High Quality Stamp Paper

Quantity : 3,000,000 (Three millions)

Sheet Composition : 64 Stamps per Sheet

Process : Offset Lithography

Printer : Austrian Government Printing Office, Vienna, Austria

About : 

  • Weapons of Nepal have gained them the prestige of being the symbol of bravity, courage and security. Time and again they have presented superior craftsmanship representing the aspiration of admires. They form an integral part of our culture.
  • Since weapons are taken as the symbol of power in Nepal, animals are sacrificed and worshipped is offered to them on special occasions like Mahasthami and Maha Nawami.
  • The present postage stamp depicting the different types of weapons are collection from the National Museum.
  • Khukuri : 
    • A little curved facing downward with cow’s hoof like shape at the top of the handle this nature and popular weapon of Nepal is known to all by the very name – Khukuri. Made of a good quality iron, this weapon has been symbolising the bravity in the Nepalese Army for long small weapons known as Karda and Chakmak are kept in the same scabbard housing the Khukuri.
  • Khunda : 
    • This is a little curved and short tipped weapon. It is rather heavy and used specially sacrificing the animals in religious occasions. The handle of this weapon is made of a single iron and in some cases covered with leather.
  • Dhal (Shield), Tarawar (Sword) and Khadga : 
    • Dhal is used as a means of shield against the strike of weapons. It is made from the leather of Rhinoceros. Used for cutting purpose, this weapon with a long thin metal blade and protected handle is called Tarawar. Similarly this sword like two edged weapon is called Khadga. It is taken as a symbol of Goddess Kali and has been regarded as a sign of King.
  • Katari (Dagger) : 
    • This triangular shaped, short pointed, two edged knife is called, Katari. The handle of Katari is usually decorated with precious ornaments. It is concealed inside the waist as a secret weapon.
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