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 Visit Nepal Series 1985

Visit Nepal Series 1985

A set of two commemorative postage stamps to publicise the Nepal TourismJaleshwar Mahadev and Shaileshwari :

जलेश्वर महादेवShree Shaileshwori Temple, Doti : शैलेश्वरी मन्दिर, डाेटीIssued by Nepal

Issued on Dec 15, 1985

Issued for : In the present postage stamp picture of an artistic temple of goddess Shaileshwari has been depicted. To bring it to light pictures of the temple of Jaleshwar and phallus under water have been depicted in this postage stamp.

Issued by :
His Majesty’s Government
Postal Services Department
Nepal Philatelic Bureau

Designer : M. N. Rana

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Denomination :
(a) 10 Paisa
(b) Rs. 1

Colour : 4 Colours

Size : 42.5 x 26.5 mm

Format : Horizontal

Paper : Unwatermarked special stamp paper

Quantity :
(a) 3,000,000 (Three million)
(b) 1,000,000 (One million)

Sheet : 50

Process : Offset litho

Printer : Carl Ueberreuter, Austria, Vienna

About : 

  • The temple of goddess Shaileshwari is situated at Silgadi in Doti district of Seti Zone. Mention about this goddess is found in Skanda Purana (Hindu Mythology). It is a common belief that great sages and seers, gods and demons also would visit this place and offer their worship to goddess Shaileshwari. As said goddess Parbati once having found with Lord Shiva in her playful mood hid herself out of shame but being pleased by the prayers of god Indra and other, she appeared from stone (shila) and was named Shaileshwari. Many devotees from far and near congregate here everyday to worship Shaileshwari for alleviation from their sins and sufferings and to have their desires fulfilled.
  • Jaleshwar Mahadev, situated at Jaleshwar in Mohottary district of Janakpur Zone, is famous from religious standpoint. Jaleshwar Mahadev is found inside the temple seated under water from time immemorial. The phallus of Mahadev remains always immersed in water supplied from an unseen underground spring and so is called Jaleshwar. Mention about Jaleshwar Mahadev is found in Padma Purana and Skand Purana (Hindu Mythology). It is a common belief that it rains sufficiently when water is full inside and there is drought when water gets dry. Devotees from Nepal and India throng in large number to worship lord Jaleshwar.
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