Nepalese Postage Stamp Centenary

A set of three commemorative postage stamps on the Centenary of the Postage Stamps (18811981) :

392 Postage Stamp Centenary [Nepal Stamp 1981]393 Postage Stamp Centenary [Nepal Stamp 1981]394 Postage Stamp Centenary [Nepal Stamp 1981]Issued by Nepal

Issued on Jul 16, 1981

Issued for : To commemorate this historic occasion a centenary postage stamp series comprising three stamps and a souvenir sheet with stamp on stamps motif is being issued today.

Designer : K. Karmacharya

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Denomination :
a) 10 P
b) 40 P
c) Rs. 3.40

Colour : 3 colours

Size : 28.45 x 42.58 mm

Format : Vertical

Paper : Special nonwatermarked

Quantity :
) 5,000,000 (Five millions)
) 4,000,000 (Four millions)
) 2,000,000 (Two millions)

Sheet : 50

Process : Offset

Printer : Bruder Rosenbaum Printers, Vienna, (Austria)

About : 

  • In 1881 three postage stamps depicting the crown – the symbol of our national unity and a pair of crossed khukuris were first issued in Nepal.

2 thoughts on “Nepalese Postage Stamp Centenary

  1. Very nice to have a look.the postage stamps of Nepal have really find a good philatelic value.
    So many years ago I was a subscriber of Nepal philatelic bureau & used to get stamps from sundhera .N
    Anyway this was
    It was discontinued.
    I want to restart the same.
    Sincerely .
    Nirmalendu Chakraborty

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