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 USSR Dogs 1965
February 26, 1965

USSR Dogs 1965

Complete series of commemorative postage stamps on Dogs :

1. Russian Hound [Dog]2. Irish Setter [Dog]2. Police Dog [Dog]4. Pointer [Dog]5. Fox Terrier [Dog]6. Sheepdog [Dog]7. Borzoi [Dog]8. Collie [Dog]9. Husky [Dog]10. Caucasian Sheepdog [Dog]

Issued by Russia

Issued on Feb 26, 1965

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Subject : Dogs

About : 

  • a set of 10 stamps consists of 8 different face values [denomination] showing picture of 10 different breeds of dog
  • 1k : Russian Hound
  • 2k : Irish Setter [excellent watch dogs, as well as companion dogs]
  • 3k : Police Dog [is trained specifically to assist police, mostly used breed is German Shepherd]
  • 4k : Pointer [a breed developed as gun dog to assist hunters]
  • 4k : Fox Terrier [a terrier, used for unearthing foxes]
  • 6k : Sheepdog [known as livestock guardian or pastoral dogs, used to guard and herd sheep & other livestock animals of farmers]
  • 6k : Borzoi [a graceful, elegant sight hound (hunts by sight rather than scent)]
  • 10k : Collie [type of herding dog]
  • 12k : Husky [used to pull sleds in northern regions, different from other sled-dogs for their fast pulling style, also used at sled dog racing]
  • 16k : Caucasian Sheepdog
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