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 Nepal Land Reform 1965
February 18, 1965

Nepal Land Reform 1965

A set of four commemorative postage stamps issued to publicize Land Reform in Nepal:

Nepal Stamp 1965Agrarian Output in Panchayat DemocracyIndustrialization in NepalHistoric Land Reform in NepalIssued by Nepal

Issued on : 15P. stamp on 18th February 1965 and other three of the series on 16th December 1965

Design :
2P. : The circle divided by three radii symbolises Land Distribution among the landless. The image of an active Ploughman indicates full utilisation of all cultivable land which, in the absence of proper system, would have been left idle and unharnessed.

5P. : The five full ears of grain represent increased agrarian output in the Age of Panchayat Democracy.

10P. : The representation of a factory signifies Industrialisation of the country – an indirect but ultimate result of Land Reform.

15P. : Finally, the cluster of four smiling faces indicates the happy Nepalese Family – materially enriched, morally encouraged and socially enlightened under the revolutionary impact of Historic Land Reform. The ears of grain on either side denote Increased Production and peace through plenty.

Stamps designed by Uttam ‘Nepali’

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Denomination : 2, 5, 10 & 15 Paisa

Colour :
2P) Montreal green and grey
5P) Olive green and dark brown
10P) Blue grey and red purple
15P) Deep yellow and dark brown

Size : For all denominations : 3.34 cms x 2.88 cms

Perforation : For all denominations : 13½ x 14

Paper : Unwatermarked adhesive stamps paper

Number : One Million of each denomination

Sheet : 42 stamps per sheet of each denomination

Printing Process : Photogravure

About : 

  • Agrarian reforms constitute the ultimate ends of social justice, political necessity and economic prosperity. The country and country men can under no circumstances remain indifferent to such a vital necessity.H. M. King Mahendra
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