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 Dr. Anugrah Narain Singh

Dr. Anugrah Narain Singh

A commemorative postage stamp on the Birth Centenary ofBihar Vibhuti‘ Anugraha Narayan Sinha1st Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar (1946-57) :

Bihar Vibhuti Anugrah Narayan SinhaIssued by India

Issued on Jun 18, 1988

Description of Designs : The 60 P stamp has been designed by India Security Press, Nashik Road. The First day cover design has been prepared by Shri Sankha Samanta and the cancellation by Smt. Nenu Gupta.

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Colour : Multicolour

Denomination : 60 Paise

Overall size : 4.06 x 2.73 cms.

Printing size : 3.71 x 2.38 cms.

Perforation : 13 x 13

Paper : Indigenous Unwatermarked P.G. Matt coated Gummed stamp paper

Number Printed : 10,00,000

Number per issue sheet : 40

Printing Process : Photogravure

Printed : India Security Press

Name : Anugrah Narayan Sinha

Born on Jun 18, 1887 at Aurangabad, Bihar, India

Died on Jul 5, 1957 at Patna, Bihar, India

About : 

  • Dr. Anugrah Narain Singh was born on 18th June, 1887 in Poiyavan village of the erstwhile Gaya district (today known as Aurangabad) of Bihar. His father was Vishweshwar Dayal Singh.
  • A brilliant student right from the beginning of his academic career, Dr. Anugrah Narain Singh obtained his initial education in the village school. From Junior school till graduation he headed the lists at every examination obtaining an M.A. (History) in 1914 from Calcutta University, he was appointed Professor of History at Bhagalpur University where he remained, known as an ideal teacher, till 1916. Then he began successfully practising law at Patna High Court. But in 1917 heeding the call of Mahatma Gandhi to the nation he left the flourishing practice to join the Champaran Satyagraha movement. In 1930 he took an active part in the Salt Satyagraha. His patriotism earned him 15 months of imprisonment in 1933-34. He returned from jail to continue serving the nation.
  • He was now well known to the people who elected him member of the Central Council (1935) and of Bihar Legislative Assembly (1936). He was among the first freedom fighters to respond to Gandhiji‘s call for Satyagrah in 1940-41. But he was arrested by the British authorities and imprisoned in the Hazaribagh Central Jail in 1942. In 1944 he was released and devoted himself to serving the epidemic ridden people.
  • After independence he dedicated himself to the all round development of Bihar as a minister and as the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar. He served India‘s international interests. He successfully led the Indian Food and Agriculture delegation to Nepal and also the Indian delegation of I.L.O. in Canada and Switzerland. He also actively led a large number of Government and voluntary organisations in India and abroad.
  • On 5th July, 1957, Dr. Anugrah Narain Singh passed away leaving behind him a legend of patriotism and sacrifice.
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