Hong Kong Legislative Council

Complete Set of 4 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the Hong Kong Legislative Council :

1. The LegCo Complex [Hongkong Stamp 2013]2. The old LegCo Building [Hongkong Stamp 2013]3. The Chamber of the LegCo Complex [Hongkong Stamp 2013]4. The President's chair in the old LegCo Building [Hongkong Stamp 2013]Issued by Hong Kong

Issued on Dec 5, 2013

Issued for : Under the Basic Law, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSAR”) is vested with legislative power and the Legislative Council (“LegCo”) is the legislature of the HKSAR. The functions of LegCo include enacting laws, examining and approving public expenditure, and monitoring the Government’s performance. Hongkong Post issues a set of four stamps on the theme of Our Legislative Council, with a view to enhancing the public’s understanding of LegCo.

Designs :
$1.70 The LegCo Complex,

$2.90 The old LegCo Building,

$3.70 The Chamber of the LegCo Complex and

$5.00 The President’s chair in the old LegCo Building.

Designed by : Shirman LAI

Type : Stamps, Mint condition

Watermark : No

Colour : Multicolour

Denomination : 1.70, 2.90, 3.70 & 5 Dollar

Stamp Size : 2.80 x 4.50 cms.

Perforation : 13.5 x 13.25 (one elliptical perforation on each vertical)

Paper : Paper with security fibres

Stamp Layout : Pane of 25 stamps

Printer : Cartor Security PrintingFrance

Printing Process : Lithography

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