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 Insects and Arachnids
January 15, 1997

Insects and Arachnids

Sheetlet of commemorative postage stamps on Insects and Arachnids :

Insects and ArachnidsIssued by Bhutan

Issued on Jan 15, 1997

Colour : Multicoloured

Type : Sheetlet, Mint Condition

Subject : Insects and Arachnids

About : 

  • a Sheetlet of 5 X 5 stamps consists of 25 different face values [denomination] showing different insects & arachnids
  • 1ch : Apis Laboriosa Smith [Himalayan Honey Bee]
  • 2ch : Neptunides Polychromus [Shiny Green Chafer Beetle]
  • 3ch : Conocephalus Maculatus
  • 4ch : Blattidae [Cockroach]
  • 5ch Dytiscus Marginalis [Great Diving Beetle]
  • 10ch Dynastes Hercules [Hercules Beetle]
  • 15ch Hippodamia [Ladybird]
  • 20ch Sarcophaga Haemorrhoidalis [Red-tailed Flesh Fly]
  • 25ch Lucanus Cervus [Stag Beetle]
  • 30ch Caterpillar [Larvae of Butterflies & Moths]
  • 35ch Lycia Hirtaria [Brindled Beauty]
  • 40ch Clytarlus Pennatus
  • 45ch Ephemera Denica [Green Drake]
  • 50ch Gryllus Campestris [Field Cricket]
  • 60ch Deilephila Elpenor [Elephant Hawk-moth]
  • 65ch Gerris [Water Striders]
  • 70ch Agrion Splendens
  • 80ch Tachyta Nana
  • 90ch Eurydema Pulchra
  • 1nu Hadrurus Hirsutus [Desert Hairy Scorpion]
  • 1.5nu Vespa Germanica [German Yellow Jacket]
  • 2nu Pyrops [Planthopper]
  • 2.5nu Mantis Religiosa [Praying Mantis]
  • 3nu Araneus Diadematus [European Garden Spider]
  • 3.5nu Atrophaneura
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