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 Pakistan on International Civil Defence Day 1991
March 1, 1991

Pakistan on International Civil Defence Day 1991

A commemorative postage stamp on the World Civil Defence Day1 March :

International Civil Defence Organisation : Intergovernmental organization (IGO)Issued by Pakistan

Issued on Mar 1, 1991

Issued for : To commemorate the occasion Pakistan Post Office is issuing a commemorative postage stamp of Rs. 7/- denomination on March 1, 1991.

Designer : Ilyas Jillani (PSPC)

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : Rs. 7/-

Colours : Multi colour

Size of Stamp : 32.5 x 44.5 mm

Size of Print : 28.5 x 40.5 mm

Perforation : 13C

Paper : 102 gsm dual purpose coated PVA gum

Quantity : One million

Number of stamps in a sheet : 12 (3 x 4 rows)

Process of Printing : Litho Offset

Printers : Pakistan Security Printing Corporation

About : 

  • International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO) is an organization of states created by an international treaty that came into force on March 1, 1972. The ICDO has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a forum of worldwide cooperation in civil protection. Its objectives are to promote, intensify and coordinate development in the means and techniques of preventing and alleviating the consequences of natural as well as man-made disaster amongst its member countries. It is playing a vital role for promoting, throughout the world, the protection and safety of people and property in the event of any kind of disaster.
  • The ICDO organs are: the general Assembly, the Executive Council and the Permanent Secretariat which carry out various functions with regard to said activities of the organization.
  • About 40 countries belonging to various parts of the world are members of the ICDO. Pakistan is a regular member of this organization and it came into its fold in 1974. At present Pakistan is enjoying the prestigious position of the Presidentship of the said Organization. Pakistan has been elected twice to this position consecutively.
  • The ICDO have declared March 1, 1991 as a Civil Defence Day. All member countries of ICDO and non-member countries all over the world are celebrating this day on the appeal of this Organization. The aim of celebrating Civil Defence Day is to project the cause of Civil Defence amongst the masses and to give an in-sight about the concept of civil defence volunteer’s participation in National Defence.
  • (Contributed: Directorate General, Civil Defence, Islamabad).
  • Issued by The Director General, Pakistan Post Office, Islamabad.
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