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 Japan Central Bank System

Japan Central Bank System

A commemorative postage stamp on the Centennial of the Bank of Japan (BOJ), the central bank system of Japan :

Bank of Japan (BOJ) near Eitaibashi in Snow, by Yasuji InoueIssued by Japan

Issued on Oct 12, 1982

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Colour : Multicolour

Denomination : 60 yen

Size of impression : 25.5 mm x 36.0 mm

Quantity issued : 26,000,000 stamps

About : 

  • A postage stamp commemorating the centennial of the central bank system will be issued on October 12, 1982.
  • Japan‘s central banking system will be one hundred years old this year. It began October 10, 1882 (Meiji 15) with the establishment of the bank of Japan as the central bank, which followed the passing of the Bank of Japan Act earlier the same year.
  • The establishment of a central bank to plan for the stable development of the economy through a proper money supply and regulation of the money market provided a compass to guide the modernization of Japan‘s economy.
  • Since its establishment as the central bank, the Bank of Japan has functioned as the “bank of issue“, the “bank of banks“, and the “government’s bank“, in addition to contributing to the development of the Japanese economy through the operation of a proper money market policy.
  • The design of the stamp is taken from a woodblock print by Yasuji Inoue [1864 (Ganji 1) – 1889 (Meiji 22)]. Entitled The Bank of Japan near Eitaibashi, in Snow, the print shows the Bank of Japan at the time of its founding.
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