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 Japan on World Congress of Accountants 1987

Japan on World Congress of Accountants 1987

A commemorative postage stamp on the 13th World Congress of Certified Public Accountants (WCOA), Tokyo :

Two Women and Abacus (Three Beauties) : Utagawa Toyokuni (ukiyo-e artist)Issued by Japan

Issued on Oct 9, 1987

Issued for : A 60 yen stamp was issued on October 6, 1987, commemorating the 13th World Congress of Certified Public Accountants in Tokyo.

Design : Three Beauties” by Toyokuni UTAGAWA (a part)

Director : Motoharu MORITA

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Colour : Multicolour

Denomination : 60 yen

Size of impression : 25.0 mm x 33.5 mm

Quantity : 25,000,000

Sheet composition : 20 (4 x 5)

Printing process : Five-colour photogravure

About : 

  • The World Congress of Certified Public Accountants, is an international congress which is held every fifth year under the joint auspices of the organization of certified public accountants in the host country, and the International Federation of Certified Public Accountants organized by the organizations of certified public accountants worldwide.
  • Its aim is to improve the quality of certified public accountants. For this purpose, the theory and practice of accounting and auditing, or problems in the fields relative to them are discussed, and opinions exchanged on the international scene. Since the First Congress held in America in 1904, the conference has been held in seven countries, i.e., Holland, England, Germany, France, Australia and Mexico. The Tokyo Conference is the first conference held in the Asian region, and will be held at hotels in Metropolitan Tokyo, centering on Nippon Budo Kan (athletic stadium), from October 11 to 15. It will have a large scale, with about 6,000 participants gathering from 73 countries.
  • Since it is “the international congress of certified public accountants held in Japan“, the design was selected from among Ukiyoe (Japanese blockwood prints), depicting the abacus (the Japanese time-honored calculator).
  • The picture of “Three Beauties” is by the hand of Toyokuni UTAGAWA (1769-1825) who is a Ukiyoe master, and believed to be the work of late 18th century. Although the design has two women and abacus, three women are depicted in the original picture. It is owned by the Riccar Museum (Ginza, Chuoku, Tokyo).
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