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 Modern Japanese Art Series XI
November 27, 1981

Modern Japanese Art Series XI

Complete Set of 2 nos of postage stamps on the Modern Arts in Japan :

Portrait of Higuchi, IchiyoPortrait of Reiko Sitting (oil on wood) : Kishida RyuseiIssued by Japan

Issued on Nov 27, 1981

Issued for : Two 60 yen postage stamps were issued on November 27, 1981, as the modern Japanese art series XI.

Design :

(A) Portrait of Reiko (Property of Tokyo National Museum)

Ryusei Kishida (1891-1929) was born in Tokyo and while displaying his works at the fourth Nika exhibit in 1917 he won the Nika Prize. Starting the subsequent year, he painted portraits using his oldest daughter Reiko as a model, in various positions, until his death.

Portrait of Reiko, which is the design of the stamp, is said to be an especially excellent work among the many paintings made of Reiko. Kishido’s Reiko at Sumiyoshi Shrine was chosen as a design for Philately Week in 1973.

(B) Portrait of Ichiyo (Property of the Art Materials Hall, Tokyo University of Arts)

Kiyokata Kaburagi (1878-1972) was born in Tokyo and, along with Shoen Uemura, was a modern Japanese master of painting beautiful women. We displayed many masterpieces at exhibits of the Imperial Academy and Ministry of Education, receiving the Order of Cultural Merit in 1954.

Portrait of Ichiyo is a work finished in 1940 and is a hanging scroll. Among his representative works are “Sanyutei Encho” and “Tsukiji Akashi-cho” which was selected for stamp design for Philately Week 1971.

Colour : Multicolour

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Denomination : 60 Yen each

Stamp Size : 48.0 x 30.0 mm

Stamps Printed : 27,000,000

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