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 Locomotives of Poland 1978
February 28, 1978

Locomotives of Poland 1978

Complete Set of 8 nos of commemorative postage stamps on Locomotives in Poland :

1. Electric Locomotive & Katowice Station [Locomotives in Poland]2. Narrow-Gauge Engine & Gothic Tower [Locomotives in Poland]3. Pm36 & Cegielski factory, Poznan [Locomotives in Poland]4. Electric Train & Otwock Station [Locomotives in Poland]5. Marki Train & Warsaw Stalow Station [Locomotives in Poland]6. Ty51 Coal Train & Gdynia Station [Locomotives in Poland]7. Tr21 & Chrzanow factory [Locomotives in Poland]8. Cockerill & Vienna Station [Locomotives in Poland]

Issued by Poland

Issued on Feb 28, 1978

Type : Postally Used

Colour : Multicoloured

Subject : Locomotives in Poland

About : 

  • a set of 8 stamps consists of 6 different face values [denomination]
  • 50gr : Electrification of the Line from Warsaw [the capital and largest city of Poland] to Silesia [Polish: Śląsk, a region of Central Europe, mostly located in Poland at present, having small portions in the Czech Republic and Germany] in 1957, Electric Locomotive & in the back of the picture, Katowice Station is shown
  • 1zł : Locomotive k/Z INNA -1973 & in the back of the picture, a Route-map showing connection from Znin [a small town in Poland & the capital of Żnin County (a unit of territorial administration & local government, north-central Poland)] to Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum at Wenecja, [a village in Gmina Żnin district, Żnin Countyto Biskupin [the site for the Polish archaeological reservation with fortified settlement of Lusatian culture reconstructed in Żnin County] and Gasawa [a village in Żnin County] is shown
  • 1zł : New Polish fast steam locomotive Pm36-1 PKP class Pm36 got Distinction [won a gold medal] in Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne (International Exposition dedicated to Art and Technology in Modern Life) in PARIS in 1937 & in the back of the picture, Cegielski factory, Poznan is shown
  • 1.50zł : The first electric line based on 3000V DC from Warsaw to Otwock [a town in central Poland, some 15 miles southeast of Warsaw] and Pruszków [a town in central Poland] opened in 1936 & in the back of the picture, Otwock Station is shown
  • 1.50zł : Marki [a town in central Poland, located at the north-east of Warsaw, a tourist attraction surrounded by forests & pastures] Train in 1907 & in the back of the picture, Warsaw Stalow Station is shown
  • 4.50zł : Heavy freight steam engine, PKP class Ty51 at Polish Coal Trunk-Line [a very important rail connection in Poland, one of the biggest investments of the 2nd Polish Republic, mostly a freight passage, constructed in between late 1920s & early 1930s]  from the coal mines and steelworks of Upper Silesia [Śląsk] at South to the Baltic Sea port of Gdynia at North through the central Poland in 1933 & in the back of the picture, Gdynia Station is shown
  • 5zł : The first Polish steam locomotive type PKP class Tr21, the first locomotive factory in Chrzanow [the capital of Chrzanów County (a unit of territorial administration and local government in southern Poland)], in 1920 [signature of an agreement done with government & Polish locomotive manufacturing company FABLOK for a delivery of 1200 locomotives within 10 years] & in the back of the picture, Chrzanow factory is shown
  • 6zł : An iron road [The Iron Road: An Illustrated History of the Railroad, written by Christian Wolmar, is a very well illuminated document showing how railroads have changed the world from the first train ran between Liverpool and Manchester in September 1830 to the high speed trains running across Asia and Europe] Warsaw-Vienna Railway & Cockerill Locomotive [first five locomotives used at this rail line were purchased from John Cockerill‘s (a Belgian, British born entrepreneur) factory in Seraing, Liège, Belgium] in 1848 & in the back of the picture, Vienna Station is shown
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