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 Modern Western-Style Architecture in Japan Series IX
August 15, 1983

Modern Western-Style Architecture in Japan Series IX

Complete Set of 2 nos of postage stamps on the Modern WesternStyle Architectures in Japan :

Daigo Jyuku National BankGakushuin Primary SchoolIssued by Japan

Issued on Aug 15, 1983

Issued for : As the 9th in the Modern Western-style Architecture in Japan Series, two 60 yen postage stamps were issued on August 15, 1983.

Design :

(A) Main building of the main branch of the former DAIGOJYUKU NATIONAL BANK (Important Cultural Property, 19 Oyakata-cho, Hirosakishi, Aomori Prefecture)

The building was constructed in 1904 as the main branch of the GOJYUKU Bank. The main supports of this two-storied, wooden building are of zelkova from Aomori prefecture. Japanese cedar is widely used for the fittings.

The AOMORI BANK was formed in 1943 and the building became its Hirosaki Branch. Presently, the building functions as the AOMORI BANK Commemorative Hall.

(B) Main building of the old GAKUSHUIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Important Cultural Property, Otake Saru-uchi, Naritashi, Chiba Prefecture)

This building was built to in 1899 to function as the main building (lecture hall) of the GAKUSHUIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in the area of Shinjukuku, Tokyo (now known as Wakabacho).

A new main building was built in 1937 and the old building was sold and moved to Inbagun Toyamamura (presently Narita-shi) to function as a lecture hall for the town’s primary school (presently called the Narita City Toyama Junior High School). Presently, the building was again moved for preservation at the prefecturally administered “Bosofudoki-no-oka” building museum.

The building is an extremely rare and precious example of school architecture of the Meiji Period.

Colour : Multicolour

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Denomination : 60 Yen each

Stamp Size : 25.0 x 35.5 mm

Stamps Printed : 30,000,000 each

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