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 Nishi-Chugoku-Sanchi Quasi-National Park
August 28, 1973

Nishi-Chugoku-Sanchi Quasi-National Park

Complete set of 2 postage stamps on the NishiChugoku Sanchi QuasiNational Park : Japan National Park Series :

Japanese Ravine (Canyon) : Shibaki River (Sandan Falls)Japanese Mountain stampIssued by Japan

Issued on Aug 28, 1973

Issued for : As the 40th of the Quasi-National Park Series, 2 kinds of 20 yen postage stamps will be issued, each depicting the scenery of Nishi-Chugoku-Sanchi Quasi-National Park.

Design : (A) Sandan Gorge and (B) Mt. Shinnyu

Colour : Multicolour

Type : Stamps, Postal Used

Denomination : 20 yen each

Stamp Size : (A) 33 mm x 22.5 mm and (B) 22.5 mm x 33 mm

Quantity Issued : 35,000,000 stamps each

About : 

  • Situated in the western part of the Chugoku mountain district, the park is rich in the beauties of the nature, represented by the landscape of Mts. Asa, Kanmuri, Garyu, Shinnyu and Osorakan extending towards the southwest with 1,000 metres high above the sea-level as well as the scenic views of Sandankyo, Hikimikyo, and Jakuchikyo, valleys and gorges formed by Rivers Shibaki, Hikimi, and Usa running through these mountains.
  • With its land area of 28,553 hectares, it was designated as quasi-national park on January 10, 1969.
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