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 Gandhi and Nehru

Gandhi and Nehru

A commemorative postage stamp on Homage to Mahatma Gandhi & Jawaharlal Nehru on the 25th Anniversary of Independence :

Silver Jubilee of Indian Independence : नेहरू एवं महात्मा गांधीIssued by India

Issued on Aug 15, 1973

Description of Design : The stamp is horizontal and depicts the portraits of Gandhi and Nehru.

The stamp has been designed by Shri C. R. Pakrashi on the basis of the photograph taken from the collection of Smt. Sumati Morarji through her courtesy.

Type : Stamp, Mint Condition

Colour : Blue Grey and Mineral Red

Denomination : 20 Paise

Overall Size : 3.91 x 2.90 cms.

Printing Size : 3.56 x 2.54 cms.

Perforation : 13 x 13

WaterMark : Printed on unwatermarked coated stamp paper

Number Printed : 50,00,000

Number per issue Sheet : 35

Printing Process : Photogravure

Printed at : India Security Press

About : 

  • Prime Minister MessageThe lives of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru will continue to be analysed and written about by historians for generations to come. Both made deep impact on their country and on the world at large. It is surprising how alike they were in spite of all their external divergence. It is this inner similarity which drew them to one another. Few relationships between two individuals in history have been more emotionally earnest, intellectually intense, and politically productive. They were master and disciple, spiritual father and son, fellow pilgrims in search of truth, and comrades in revolution and the remaking of man.

    I am glad to know that the India Posts and Telegraphs Department is releasing a special postage stamp on Independence Day to commemorate the work done together by Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru in the cause of national freedom and human liberation.

    Indira Gandhi
    New Delhi,
    August 2, 1973.

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April 4, 2018 11:05 am

is there any way to contact you.
because i am having some old stamps and i want to sell them

October 21, 2022 6:16 pm

Hi how much antique stamp this price

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