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 Peace Corps
February 11, 1972

Peace Corps

A commemorative postage stamp on the Peace Corps :

Issued by United States of America

Issued on Feb 11, 1972

The Historic Stamp :
The 8¢ stamp salutes the efforts of Peace Corps volunteers, who work to raise the standard of living in developing nations. Since it was established in 1961, the Peace Corps has sent more than 50,000 Americans to serve in some 60 countries. These men and women provide skilled manpower in the fields of education, agriculture, health, trade, technology, and community development.

Bradbury Thompson designed the stamp, which reproduces a Peace Corps recruitment poster created by David Battle. It shows a portion of an American flag, with doves of peace flying out to the world above it.

The Peace Corps stamp was printed in dark blue, light blue, and red by photogravure. The First Day City was Washington, D.C.

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : 8 cents

The Subject of the Stamp : 

  • During his presidential campaign, John F. Kennedy revived an idea that had first been put forth by philosopher William James in 1904. He called for a volunteer “army” to help developing nations help themselves.
  • After taking the Oath of Office, President Kennedy made the Peace Corps one of his first official acts. He organized the Corps on March 1, 1961, appointing Sargent Shriver to serve as its first director. Congress made it a permanent agency of the government later that year.
  • Peace Corps volunteers typically serve overseas for two years. They live and work with the citizens of the host country, teaching them modern skills. Their presence and attitude also foster understanding and friendship between Americans and the people of other lands.
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