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 Quebec Carnival
February 1, 1979

Quebec Carnival

A commemorative postage stamp on the Quebec Winter Carnival (Carnaval de Québec), a pre-Lenten festival held in Quebec City :

Carnaval de Québec : Pre-Lenten FestivalIssued by Canada

Issued on Feb 1, 1979

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Colour : Multi colour

Denomination : 14 cents

About : 

  • Since its inception in 1954, the Quebec Winter Carnival has promoted a sense of merriment and good humour. That year, business and civic authorities resurrected a winter carnival which had expired in the late 19th century. A spiritual descendant of Champlain‘s Order of Good Cheer, the new festival banished the discontents of February. The event now rates with the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro and the Mardi Gras of New Orleans as one of the world’s great pre-Lenten festivals.
  • Revellers prepare for the “fun blitz” by equipping themselves with a red tuque, a sash, and a hollow cane containing a refreshing elixir. They then indulge in parades, fireworks displays, singing, dancing, various types of racing, hockey and other winter sports.
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