Rajarshi Janak

A commemorative postage stamp on Janaka (Seeradhwaja), the foster father of Sita :

Father of Sita (Janaki) from RamayanaIssued by Nepal

Issued on Apr 14, 1974 (corresponding to 1 Baisak 2034)

Issued by :
His Majesty’s Government
Postal Services Department
Nepal Philatelic Bureau

Designer : K. Karmacharya

Type : Stamp, Mint condition

Denomination : Re. 2.50/-

Colour : Four Colour

Size : 26 x 35 mm.

Paper : Unwatermark gummed paper

Quantity : 2,50,000

Sheet : 50

Process : Litho Offset

Printer : Pakistan Security Printing Corporation

About : 

  • Philosopher King Janak was really a Brahmin by virtue of his spiritual Knowledge. He was a Kshatriya king by birth. As he was personally engaged in the development of agriculture and cattle farming he was a Vaisya. He might also be considered a Sudra because of his spirit of service. Thus he was a noble soul, acclaimed by the great sages. – Balakrishna Sama

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