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 Sagarmatha Satellite Earth Station

Sagarmatha Satellite Earth Station

A commemorative postage stamp on the Sagarmatha Satellite Earth Station (SES), Balamboo, Kathmandu established by Nepal Telecommunication Corporation in 1982 :

सगरमाथा भुउपग्रह केन्द्र : Dish Antenna and SatelliteIssued by Nepal

Issued on 2039 Kartic 21 Corresponding to November 7, 1982

Design : In this postage stamp picture of Antenna of the recently built Sagarmatha Satellite Earth Station has been depicted.

Designer : K. Karmacharya

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : Rs. 5/-

Colour : 4 Colours

Size : 2.55 x 3.50 cms

Perforation : 14 x 14½

Format : Vertical

Paper : Stamp-paper

Quantity : 1,000,000 (One million)

Sheet : 100

Process : Offset

Printer : Secura Singapore Pte. Ltd.

About : 

  • The geostationary satellite for International Tele-communication has revolutionized the global communication network. To provide an efficient and reliable Telecommunication link from Nepal with the rest of the world Satellite Earth Station has been installed at Balambu, Kathmandu. This Earth Station through Intelsat-V Satellite will provide good quality International Telephone, Telex and Telegraph services.
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