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 The Fortieth Anniversary of the Accession (1952-1992)

The Fortieth Anniversary of the Accession (1952-1992)

Complete Set of 5 nos of commemorative postage stamps on the Happy & Glorious, 40th Anniversary of the Accession of Queen Elizabeth II (1952-1992):

1436-40 Queen Elizabeth II [England Setenant Stamp 1992]Issued by Great Britain

Issued on Feb 6, 1992

Issued for : On 6 February 1992, Her Majesty The Queen reaches the fortieth anniversary of her accession, an occasion celebrated by these Royal Mail Special Stamps. During a ‘happy & glorious’ reign, The Queen has fulfilled her many daunting roles with remarkable dignity, sincerity and compassion, and, in a period of great change, her constancy has provided a reassuring sense of continuity. All of these qualities have endeared her to millions of people at home and throughout the Commonwealth.

Designed by : The five setenant stamps were designed by Why Not Associates.

Photography : 1. Cecil Beaton, Camera Press; 2. Tim Graham, London; 3. Cecil Beaton, Camera Press; 4. Anwar Hussein; 5. Anwar Hussein.

Type : Stamps, Mint Condition

Watermark : No

Colour : Multi Colour

Denomination : 24 Pence each

Stamp Size : 4.10 x 3.00 cms.

Format : Horizontal

Paper : unwatermarked phosphorcoated

Gum : PVA Dextrin

Number per Sheet : 100

Printing Process : Offset Lithography

Printer : The House of Questa Limited

Name : Elizabeth Alexandra Mary

Born on Apr 21, 1926 at 17 Bruton Street, Mayfair, London, United Kingdom

About : 

  • In her roles with the State, Church, Royal Family, Armed Forces and the Commonwealth, Her Majesty The Queen has spoken on many individual, national and international problems and aspirations during the first forty years of her reign. Nothing demonstrates the sincerity of her feelings about these issues better than her own words.
  • 1. Monarchy

    In the old days the monarch led his soldiers on the battlefield and his leadership at all times was close and personal. Today things are very different. I cannot lead you into battle. I do not give you laws or administer justice. But I can do something else. I can give you my heart and devotion to these old islands and to all the people of our brotherhood of nations. Christmas message 1957I have seen, from a unique position of advantage, the last great phase of the transformation of the Empire into the Commonwealth and the transformation of the Crown from an emblem of dominion into a symbol of free and voluntary association. In all history, this has no precedent.” Silver Jubilee speech at Guildhall 1977
  • 2. Faith

    The Wise Men and the Shepherds remind us that it is not enough simply to do our jobs: we need to go out and look for opportunities to help those less fortunate than ourselves, even if that service demands sacrifice. It was their belief and confidence in God which inspired them to visit the stable and it is this unselfish will to serve that will see us through the difficulties we face.” Christmas message 1980It is right that people should hold their beliefs and their faiths strongly and sincerely, but perhaps we should also have the humility to accept that, while we each have a right to our own convictions, others have a right to theirs.” Christmas message 1987
  • 3. Family

    A marriage begins by joining man and woman together, but this relationship between people, however deep at their time, needs to develop and mature with the passing years. For that it must be held firm in the web of family relationships, between parents and children, between grandparents and grandchildren, between cousins, aunts and uncles.” Silver wedding speech at Guildhall 1972When the bishop was asked what he thought about sin, he replied with simple conviction that he was against it. If I am asked today what I think about family life ….. I can answer with equal simplicity and conviction. I am for it.” Silver wedding speech at Guildhall 1972
  • 4. Peace and War

    It is sobering and inspiring to remember what man will do for an ideal in which he believes. Bravery of this kind is shown in peace as in war. The armed forces and the police are showing it every day. So are the fire services, ambulance drivers, members of the public and every children, and the courage of the bomb disposal experts fills us with awe. All around us we see these acts of selflessness, people putting the life of someone else before their own.” Christmas message 1981Nowadays there are all too many causes that press their claims with a loud voice and a strong arm rather than with the language of reason. We must not allow ourselves to be too discouraged as we confront them. Let us remember that Christ did not promise the earth to the powerful.” Christmas message 1990
  • 5. Commonwealth

    I have …. No doubt that, politically, the Commonwealth has something rare and valuable to offer. A capacity for enlightened tolerance, the ability to see things in a long-term perspective, and the willingness to concede that there may just be another point of view. It has the strength to endure difference for the sake of basic identity and the courage to prefer compromise to conflict.” Silver Jubilee speech at Guildhall 1977Notwithstanding the strains and stresses of nationalism, different cultures and religious and its growing membership, the Commonwealth family has still managed to hold together and to make a real contribution to the prevention of violence and discord.” Christmas message 1984
  • Text by : Mike Barden
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