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 U Kiang Nongbah

A commemorative postage stamp on U Kiang Nangbah, a great freedom fighter from Meghalaya (part of Personality Series : The Spirit of Nationalism) :

Indian Rebellion of 1857 : (Sookpoh clan, Meghalaya)Issued by India

Issued on Jul 6, 2001

Issued for : Continuing with the series of stamps on great personalities who inspired the country and influenced the course of India’s National Movement, the Department of Posts is proudly releasing a set of four stamps honouring Syama Prasad Mookerjee, C. Sankaran Nair, Krishna Nath Sarmah and U Kiang Nongbah.

Design : The First Day Cover design incorporates symbols related to the life and achievements of the four personalities, as perceived by the artist.

Credits :
Concept by Alka Sharma, based on material furnished by the sponsors.
FDC : 
Suresh Kumar
Cancellation : Alka Sharma

Type :  Stamp, Mint condition

Colour : Five Colour

Denomination : 400 Paise

Overall size : 3.91 x 2.90 Cms.

Printing Size :  3.55 x 2.54 Cms.

Perforation : 13 x 13

Paper : Imported Unwatermarked Stamp Paper

Stamps Printed : 0.4 million each

Number per issue sheet : 40

Printing Process : Photo Offset

Printer : Eagle Press Private Limited

Name : U Kiang Nangbah

Born on Tpep Pale, Jowai, West Jaintia Hills district, Meghalaya, India

Died on Dec 30, 1862 at Jowai, West Jaintia Hills district, Meghalaya, India

About : 

  • U Kiang Nongbah ( -1862) (date of birth not recorded) was a great freedom fighter of the Jaintia hills of Meghalaya, who lived and fought his epic struggle against the British during the first War of Independence (1857) and after. Even as a child, his spirit of rebellion was aroused by the stories of the dubious methods employed by the British to annex Jaintia. As he grew up, he was consumed by a passion to drive out the foreign invaders from his motherland. He was quick to realise that a disciplined fighting force was necessary to counter the mighty military machine of the British. Opportunity came his way when he was elected leader of a group of headmen and he went on to lead the war of liberation of Jaintia against the British. Kiang Nongbah and his men launched a guerilla war against the British forces, humiliating their superiority in arms and trained men through ambushes. Kiang was badly injured in one of the bloodiest battles. He was captured by the British while he was recuperating and later hanged on the 30th of December, 1862.
  • Text : Based on material furnished by the sponsors.
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