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 Pakistan on Universal Children’s Day 1971
October 4, 1971

Pakistan on Universal Children’s Day 1971

A commemorative postage stamp on the Children’s Day Young Human Resources – The Key to National Development :

Young Human Resources : The Key to National DevelopmentIssued by Pakistan

Issued on Oct 4, 1971

Issued for : Every year a special theme is chosen by the UNICEF and the International Union for Child Welfare to focus attention on the special need of the children. This year the theme is ‘Young human resources : The key to National Development’. The theme stresses the need to develop the talents, skills and abilities of children all over the world. To Commemorate this occasion, Pakistan Post Office is issuing a stamp of 20-Paisa denomination on October 4, 1971.

Design : The format of the stamp is horizontal. The foreground shows a young boy in a striped red and yellow shirt holding a pink toy train, while a real electric train in yellow and green colours crosses a bridge in the background. The idea signifies and illustrates the caption “YOUNG HUMAN RESOURCES: THE KEY TO NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT”. These words are in yellow against the dark green colour of the arch. Immediately below this line, appear the words “UNIVERSAL CHILDREN’S DAY – 4TH OCT. 1971” in white. The words “Pakistan” in English, Urdu and Bengali are in white against a red strip at the bottom of the stamp. The value “20-PAISA” and word “POSTAGE” are in white and appear immediately to the left of the forehead of the figure of the young boy.

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Denomination : 20 Paisa

Colour : Dark Green, Yellow, Black and Carmine

Size of Stamp : 30.5 x 60 mm

Size of Print : 26.5 x 56 mm

Perforation Gauge : 13 x 13 (c)

Quantity Printed : 15,00,000

Number of Stamps in each sheet : 50

Process of Printing : Litho Offset

Printers : The Pakistan Security Printing Corporation Ltd., Karachi

About : 

  • Universal Children’s Day received formal recognition by the United Nations in 1954 resolution passed by the General Assembly calling for a “day of worldwide fraternity and understanding among children”.
  • In celebrating Children’s Day this year, it is vital to demonstrate in every way possible the close inter-relationship that exists between national development and child development. The children are a country’s greatest wealth and developing their potential is the surest road to self-sustaining economic growth.
  • One of the crucial factors in the progress of a country is the development of the child, the human capital of any community and the adult of tomorrow – tomorrow’s engineers, doctors, progressive farmers, teachers, scientists, social leaders. That is the great task in which all must take a share and solemnly recognise that the welfare of today’s children is inseparably linked with the peace and progress and prosperity of tomorrow’s world.
  • In the modern, technical world, it is not enough to have the technical ‘know-how’, most vital are the motivations, the attitudes and the work habits formed in the early years of childhood. The proper development of the child can determine the productiveness of human resources of each nation. It is now generally accepted that development is ‘growth’ plus ‘change’; preparing a child for life means not only helping him to grow, but also equipping him for change. Accordingly the child is not only the ‘object’ but also the ‘agent’ of the plan.
  • On Monday, October 4, 1971, when celebrating Universal Children’s Day, special thought needs to be given to the importance of the first few years of a child’s life. Giving him a good start in life is the most worth while investment one can make in our country’s future.
  • Issued by The Director-General, Pakistan Post Office, Karachi.
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