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 V. K. Krishna Menon 1975

V. K. Krishna Menon 1975

A commemorative postage stamp on the 1st Death Anniversary of Krishna Menon, 5th Defence Minister of India (1957-62), Indian High Commissioner to United Kingdom (1947-52) [a part of Personalities Stamps Series‘] :

Vengalil Krishnan Krishna Menon : Defence Minister of IndiaIssued by India

Issued on Oct 24, 1975

Designed by : India Security Press

Type : Stamp, Postal Used

Colour : Raw sienna

Denomination : 25 Paise

Overall size : 3.91 x 2.90 cms.

Printing size : 3.56 x 2.54 cms.

Perforation : 13 x 13

Watermark : Printed on unwatermarked Adhesive stamp paper

Quantity printed : 3 Million

Number per issue sheet : 35

Printed at : India Security Press

Name : Vengalil Krishnan Krishna Menon

Born on May 3, 1896 at Calicut, Malabar district, Madras Presidency, British India

Died on Oct 6, 1974 at Delhi, India

About : 

  • In evolving the policy of non-alignment he played a very important role. He made diplomacy a dynamic instrument for world peace, socialism and national liberation. He took an active role in resolving the Korean and Suez crises.
  • Krishna Menon became a member of the Rajya Sabha in 1953. On February 3, 1956, he joined the Union Cabinet as Minister without Portfolio. In 1957 he was elected to the Lok Sabha from Bombay and in April of that year, he became Defence Minister. He worked tirelessly to modernise the defence forces and initiated a number of measures of far-reaching significance.
  • Krishna Menon resigned from the Cabinet in 1962, soon after the Chinese aggression. But he continued his activities on the national and international planes.
  • He passed away on October 6, 1974.
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