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 Bhagwan Mahavira 1974

Bhagwan Mahavira 1974

A commemorative postage stamp on the 2500th Anniversary of 24th tirthankara of JainismAtivir Vardhamana‘s attainment of Nirvana :

भगवान महावीर (जैन धर्म) : पावापुरी, बिहारIssued by India

Issued on Nov 13, 1974

Issued for : The Posts and Telegraphs Department are privileged to pay homage to the memory of this great soul during the 25th Centenary year of his Nirvana by issuing a commemorative postage stamp.

Design : The temple at Pavapuri is adopted as the motif of the stamp.

Designed by : Binoy Sarkar

Type : StampMint Condition

Colour : Blue black

Denomination : 25 Paise

Overall Size : 3.91 X 2.90 cms.

Printing Size : 3.56 X 2.54 cms.

Perforation : 13 x 13

Watermark : Unwatermarked paper

Number Printed : 30,00,000 in sheets of 35

Number per issue sheet : 35

Printing Process : Photogravure

Printed at : India Security Press

Name : Mahavir Vardhman (Nigantha Nataputta)

Born on 599 BCE at Kundagram, Vaishali district, Bihar, India

Died on 527 BCE at Pawapuri, Bihar, India

About : 

  • Bhagwan Mahavira was born at Vaisali (Bihar), the then capital of the Licchavis, as the son of King Siddhartha. In spite of being born in affluent surroundings, he renounced the worldly life and became an ascetic practising the five great vows of non-violence, truth, non-stealing, continence, and non-acquisitiveness.
  • After leading a life of sacrifice and penance for 12 years, Bhagwan Mahavira attained the perfect knowledge. He became the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism. He preached the basic tenets of Jainism which include Non-violence, Equality, the Philosophy of Soul and the need for Co-existence. He advocated the necessity for men to remain free from passions and showed them the Right Path consisting of Right Knowledge, Right Faith, Right Conduct and Right Penance.
  • Bhagwan Mahavira attained Nirvana at Pavapuri in Bihar at the age of 72.
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